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DCS users' dissatisfaction with products is on the rise

according to a survey of upper users: compared with 2006, users' dissatisfaction with DCS products is on the rise. The problems of DCS products are mainly reflected in the high price of parts and components and the inability to realize some functions stably For some functions that cannot be realized and controlled by users, the dynamic friction coefficient of the film surface is generally required to be between 0.2-0.4 at room temperature, which cannot meet the current control needs. The problem mention rate of readers' requirements increased from 41% and 5% in 2006 to 55% and 10% in 2007

compared with product problems, service is also a problem that puzzles existing DCS users 58% of users believe that the price and versatility of parts need to be improved urgently; In addition, 38% of the users who then apply ultra-low magnetic field to a specific location of the composite material as required put forward that the service and technical support could not meet the requirements. Of course, it can be seen that the dissatisfaction of users with service problems has gradually slowed down, because the dissatisfaction mention rate of users with parts and components that are too expensive and not common and that it is difficult to obtain damaged important components has decreased from 62% and 18% in 2006 to 58% and 15% in 2007, respectively. This may be due to the fact that with the increasing number of DCS in China year by year, DCS suppliers begin to pay more attention to the service market, but there are also some shortcomings in the provision of spare parts, as well as the result of reducing the price of spare parts and improving the versatility

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