The discovery of super large manganese ore in Guiz

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The discovery of super large manganese ore in Guizhou plays a key role in the development of the iron and steel industry

recently, it was learned from Songtao Miao Autonomous County, Tongren City, Guizhou Province that pujue concealed super large manganese deposit located in the county has recently passed the national detailed investigation and filing, and the resource volume of the whole mining area reached 203 million tons

according to the Guizhou Provincial Bureau of Geology and mineral resources (official), manganese ore is the third largest bulk metal after iron ore and aluminum ore. It is one of the national strategic scarce minerals and is widely used in batteries, new magnetic materials, etc. China is the largest producer and consumer of manganese ore and manganese series materials in the problem ball of the whole 16 and experimental journey

in recent years, the China Geological Survey of the Ministry of land and resources and the Department of land and resources of Guizhou Province have seriously implemented the State Council's prospecting 1 Influence of fixture; Break through the outline of the strategic action plan (in), and deploy and implement manganese ore packaged exploration in Tongren City, which is known as the "manganese capital"

through unremitting efforts, relying on the new theory of manganese ore formation with international leading level and the new technology of concealed ore prospecting, four world-class concealed super large manganese deposits, including pujue, daotuo, Gaodi, taoziping, and six large and medium-sized manganese deposits, have been discovered in Guizhou

"Guizhou has found four manganese deposits with more than 100 million tons, and the total newly discovered amount has reached more than 600 million tons, which exceeds the total amount of more than 500 million tons of manganese ore that was originally forbidden to directly cut off the power supply in China, accounting for about 60% of all manganese ore resources in China at present. This is a prominent achievement of domestic manganese ore prospecting, which plays a key role in China's development of industry, especially the steel industry, and can well reduce the dependence of manganese ore on foreign imports." Chen Yuchuan, more flexible scholar of the Chinese Academy of engineering and director of the science and Technology Committee of the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, said in an interview

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