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The "discovery journey" of cold chain logistics exclusively supported by sinotruk set sail

the "discovery journey" of cold chain logistics exclusively supported by sinotruk set sail

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on June 26, the "2015 cold chain discovery journey" hosted by the cold chain Committee of China Federation of logistics and procurement and exclusively supported by the Sales Department of SINOTRUK set sail in the capital Beijing

the "2015 cold chain discovery tour" held in Beijing is a practical activity for the cold chain Committee of China Federation of things and sinotruk to go deep into cold chain enterprises and explore the development of the industry. It strives to examine the development process of the enterprise with a knowledge-seeking attitude and pursue the highlights of the enterprise with the spirit of discovery, so it is named "discovery journey"

at present, the demand for heavy trucks in the cold chain logistics market has great potential. The "2015 cold chain discovery tour" aims to upgrade the enterprise model, tap the bright spots of enterprise innovation, strengthen cooperation with enterprises, discover enterprise needs and solve enterprise problems. The event will be held in 10 cities and regions including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Jinan, with more than 100 accompanying enterprises and surveyed enterprises

in the practice activities of the first stop in Beijing, Fu Jian, assistant general manager of China Heavy Truck Sales Department, Mou Lei, manager of Beijing Tianjin Hebei region of the sales department, Qin Yuming, Secretary General of the cold chain logistics professional committee of China IOT, senior executives of more than a dozen cold chain logistics enterprises and senior supply chain experts formed an investigation team to conduct field visits and exchanges between HNA Huari Feitian Logistics Co., Ltd. and Beijing general at the same time. The pollution of plastic granulator to the environment is also quite serious.

Fu Jian introduced the development history of China heavy truck and the excellent performance of man products in the logistics industry in 2015, and especially emphasized that man technology products not only led the upgrading of technology in China's heavy truck industry, but also achieved sales growth against the trend in the general downturn of the heavy truck market in 2015 ". The Beijing Hebei regional department of the sales department made a product introduction, focusing on the Beijing five emission product announcement that everyone is concerned about. Nanshan aluminum took the lead in breaking through the monopoly in this regard. Beijing Sanxin refrigerated storage and Transportation Co., Ltd. expressed its high trust in the products of SINOTRUK Mann technology, and reached the purchase intention of Jingwu products on site

as the equipment supplier of logistics enterprises, sinotruk has conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with various logistics enterprises, and has conducted detailed discussions on the existing cold chain transportation mode and the requirements of cold chain transportation equipment, especially in the aspects of cold chain transportation support and logistics transportation costs. All logistics enterprises highly recognize the T-series road vehicles launched by sinotruk and look forward to innovative cooperation between the two sides

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