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The "12th Five Year Plan" integration of China's construction machinery industry will also deepen

the "12th Five Year Plan" integration of China's construction machinery industry will also deepen

China's construction machinery information

Guide: just take forklift as an example, the competition in the top ten of the industry has been very fierce, and the space is very narrow, which can be said to have entered the era of homogeneous competition. Song Jingkun, spokesman of Shandong Guangming Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., said that a new round of reshuffle of the industry is inevitable. Song Jingkun

"taking forklift as an example, the competition in the top ten of the industry has been very fierce, and the space is very narrow. It can be said that it has entered the era of homogeneous competition." Song Jingkun, spokesman of Shandong Guangming Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., said that a new round of reshuffle of the industry is inevitable

the current environment of the machinery industry in which song Jingkun is engaged is consistent with the current national policies. There are many backward production capacities in the construction machinery industry, and local governments have serious repeated construction in this industry. The author understands that the upcoming "12th Five Year Plan" will focus on promoting the reorganization and merger of enterprises and concentrating advantageous resources on advantageous enterprises. Improving resource utilization efficiency and reducing consumption will be the focus of the "12th Five Year Plan" of the construction machinery industry

the author learned from the interview that both leading enterprises in the industry, such as XCMG, Sany, Liugong, and local enterprises in various provinces and cities, are actively looking for mergers and acquisitions

insiders told the author that while laying out the domestic market, leading enterprises in the industry began to embark on an international agenda and launched overseas mergers and acquisitions based on technology acquisition and market acquisition. From the previous acquisition of Saifa by Zoomlion to the current brand export of Sany, "China Sample" has become a bright spot in the construction machinery industry

many enterprises have made efforts to merge and acquire

"although there have been rumors of XCMG and NORINCO's restructuring in the market, we don't know the actual situation." In an interview with the author, the head of the Publicity Department of XCMG said that the upcoming "12th Five Year Plan" encourages industry leaders to become stronger and bigger, and XCMG has always followed this development strategy

the above person in charge told the author that XCMG had previously reached an intention of cooperation with SAIC Group. The machinery strength was high, and the two sides agreed to jointly develop the main engine business of construction machinery with bulldozers as the leading products based on Pengpu Machinery Factory Co., Ltd

Mao Zhongwen, Deputy Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said that the "plan" will encourage industry restructuring and mergers, eliminate backward industries with market competition mechanism, and control the land use of low-level redundant construction projects and the approval of engineering construction projects. By the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, the sales scale of China's top 100 construction machinery enterprises should reach more than 85% of the industry's low-temperature friction and wear testing machines, and strive to cultivate competitive and innovative large enterprises into internationally renowned aircraft carrier companies

in addition to XCMG, Liugong announced in the first half of this year that mergers and acquisitions have become the strategic focus of Liugong and will focus on the M & a market in the future

Shandong Guangming Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which was restructured from a military enterprise, as a national designated production enterprise of lifting and handling machinery, has been looking for development opportunities under the national industrial policy, from the production of military equipment to agricultural machinery products to Viking forklifts, which can be described as a step by step. "The reshuffle in the field of forklift truck is also the epitome of the machinery industry. Under the influence of the previous financial crisis, the machinery industry at home and abroad has been affected. In the future development, in addition to taking the path of merger and reorganization, enterprises should pay more attention to technological innovation and services." Song Jingkun said

brand output has become a bright spot

in recent years, due to the impact of the financial crisis and the stimulation of the good market prospects of the domestic market, international machinery giants such as Terex, caterpillar, hersmer, etc. have deployed in China

at the same time, the leading enterprises in the domestic industry also look at the market low point in even such a low salary, and have carried out bottom reading, accompanied by the "Chinese sample" focusing on brand output, which has blossomed and fruited in the international market

industry insiders said that the international road of the machinery industry can be divided into two categories: one is to "borrow ships to sail" through mergers and acquisitions of foreign well-known enterprises or R & D institutions like Zoomlion and XCMG; Second, as the direct foreign investment of Sany Heavy Industry, gradually realize the localization of products and brands

"the end result of internationalization is brand internationalization. Internationalization is to use international resources to enhance the internationalization of Sany. Specifically, it means to use Sany's advantageous resources, such as the advantages of enterprise brand, manufacturing capacity and human capital, to integrate their resources in foreign countries for my use and enhance the internationalization of Sany." Recently, he Zhenlin, vice president of Sany group, said at the "2010 China Enterprise Overseas Development Summit". The head of the Publicity Department of Sany group also confirmed these remarks to the author. He said that in recent years, the main work of Sany is to build Sany into a large enterprise with international brands

insiders suggested that the alliance between China's equipment manufacturing industry and overseas countries should have a clear purpose, should fully consider the capital, technology and other capabilities of enterprises, and should not swarm. At the same time, mergers and acquisitions should aim at acquiring core technology, rather than the acquisition of production capacity, let alone the so-called capital operation. The alliance effect should be observed with caution

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