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Abstract: This paper mainly introduces the integrated application of delta automation products in the control system of plastic mattress molding machine. The control system combines automation products such as delta HMI, PLC, frequency converter and temperature controller. Its operation is intuitive and flexible, which greatly improves the operation efficiency of the system, reflects the high cost performance of delta automation products, and has been fully recognized by customers. According to the latest estimation, it is worthy of reference and promotion by peers in the industry

key words: control system; HMI; PLC; With the rapid development of the national economy, plastic products have been more and more widely used in many fields of industrial and agricultural production and public life. Plastic products have relatively low cost and performance, and there are more and more necessities for people to use plastic products in daily life. Plastic mattress products are also a necessity in people's life, and the market demand is strong, so the demand for advanced control of plastic mattress molding machine is becoming more and more urgent. Traditional electrical control equipment has been gradually replaced by modern automatic control equipment because of its low accuracy and poor safety. Nowadays, the control system of plastic mattress forming machine is more and more automated. According to different equipment, it will be applied to different kinds of industrial automation products, such as human-machine interface, PLC, frequency converter, servo system, encoder, temperature control instrument and other products. Customers can often choose the corresponding equipment to build the control system according to the different control objects

the plastic mattress forming control system discussed in this paper is a good application case of delta automation product integration. Based on Delta's DVP series PLC and frequency converter and other products, it realizes the requirements of temperature control and plastic molding speed control in different areas of the equipment, with high accuracy, stability and reliability, which is worthy of reference by peers

2 process analysis

the mechanical part of the plastic mattress forming equipment is divided into the machine head part and the main machine part. Chemical raw materials are added into the machine head part, and the raw material bucket is stirred and heated. The cylindrical plastic wire with very fine diameter is produced by processing the nozzle of the machine head under the temperature control of appropriate process requirements. According to different specifications of products, changing the mold can change the diameter of cylindrical plastic wire. A large number of plastic cylindrical wires are continuously transported to the host part. The temperature requirements of different areas of the host part are different. The plastic wires are processed by molds to form plastic molded products with certain thickness and width. Then cut according to the set cutting length, so as to produce plastic wire mattress products with different length, thickness and width. Delta has effectively integrated its automation products and successfully applied them to the control system of the plastic mattress forming machine according to the operation process and characteristics

3 control system

3.1 control system principle

the control principle block diagram of the system is shown in Figure 1:

Figure 1 control system principle block diagram

the control system of plastic mattress forming machine adopts delta human-machine interface as the main station monitoring equipment, and makes full use of the three communication ports of human-machine interface dop-a10thtd1. The man-machine COM1 (RS232) is connected to the COM1 communication port of the lower PLC controller to exchange process parameter data through communication; Man machine com2 (RS485) is connected to 12 temperature control meters of the head control system; The innovation and development of material technology of man-machine COM3 (RS485) connection host control system has become an important way to promote the technological revolution of vehicle lightweight, with 11 temperature control meters. The man-machine interface can set the temperature SV value in different control areas and display the temperature PV value; The PLC communication port com2 (RS485) is connected to the production and utilization of polyurethane waterproof coating in China. Great changes have taken place in the seven frequency converters. The PLC communication writes the given frequency of the frequency converter, the start and stop command of the frequency converter, and reads the actual output frequency; The man-machine interface sets the target speed of the motor and reads the actual speed of the motor

3.2 control scheme equipment configuration

the equipment configuration of the technical scheme of the control system is shown in Table 1: the equipment configuration table of the control scheme in Table 1

the above table only lists the main components of the control system, in addition to low-voltage electrical appliances (low-voltage circuit breakers, electromagnetic contactors, electromagnetic relays, buttons, indicator lights, etc.), detection sensors (proximity switches, travel switches, etc.), frequency converter communication cables, etc, It will not be repeated here

3.3 physical drawing of control equipment

physical drawing of control system is shown in Figure 2, figure 3 and Figure 4:

Figure 2 wiring diagram of control system

Figure 3 operation panel diagram of control system

Figure 4 field instrument display panel diagram

3.4 control program

A. brief introduction of human-machine interface control program is as follows:

it is mainly divided into host temperature control, head temperature control, variable frequency motor speed control, ordinary motor control Frequency converter parameter setting and other images can realize the requirements of temperature control and plastic molding speed control in different areas of the equipment, and can monitor the process parameters of the equipment at the same time

b, the PLC control program is mainly divided into the following parts:

1) quasi quantity processing: receive two analog signals in the head control cabinet, and after mathematical conversion, one is used as the real-time numerical output of the motor rotation speed of the DC speed regulation system; One channel of analog quantity is transmitted to the DC speed regulation system of the head control cabinet as the speed setting command

2) control meter start and stop control

3) cutting control program, according to the different set length, different pneumatic components combine to realize the rapid cutting control of plastic shaped products

4) frequency converter communication control: including the start and stop commands of the frequency converter, setting the line speed (m/min) to convert to the given frequency value (Hz), reading the actual output frequency (Hz) of the frequency converter and converting to the motor running speed (m/min)

5) fast conveying control, action after the cutter program is executed

through the operation of the above program, the whole plastic mattress forming machine control system can be effectively controlled, which greatly provides the working efficiency and reliability of the original system, and can realize remote safety control

4 conclusion

according to the technical requirements of customers' equipment, this plastic mattress forming machine control system combination platform will also help large companies expand market share and regional visibility to HMI, PLC, frequency converter, temperature controller and other automatic products. It has developed a stable and reliable production line system for customers, which has been fully recognized by customers and users, and once again proved that Zhongda Diantong is a reliable partner for customers. The operation practice shows that the system has stable performance, safety and reliability, and high cost performance, which is worthy of reference and promotion by industry peers


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