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Whether the room temperature meets the standard instrument the final say

5: the hydraulic universal testing machine is in the process of operation

recently, Ms. Zhang, who lives in Boxin Huidu, said that her home heating is not hot, and she feels that the temperature does not meet the standard. On the 30th, I came to the pipeline of Zaozhuang Thermal Power Corporation to learn about the situation. According to the staff, as long as the indoor temperature reaches 18 (± 2) degrees Celsius, it will meet the national standard, and in the future, if the indoor temperature is not up to the standard, with a remote temperature measuring instrument, citizens can apply for installation free of charge

director Li of the pipeline Institute of Zaozhuang Thermal Power Corporation told that Boxin Huidu community is divided into two situations: ground heating and water heating. Comparatively speaking, the temperature of ground heating is higher than that of water heating. However, the heating of Zaozhuang Thermal Power Corporation is directly supplied 24 hours a day, so it is impossible to have the phenomenon of intermittent cooling and heating. Although it may be fine tuned sometimes, it will not have a great impact on the indoor temperature, which will only change by one or two degrees at most. As long as the indoor temperature reaches 18 (± 2) degrees Celsius, accurate and continuous pressure control can be achieved, which meets the national standard and vigorously promotes the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization

"the degree of indoor sealing, the size of the house, the number of radiators and the degree of patency may all affect the indoor heating temperature." Director Li said, "there is another reason that may lead to the reduction of heating temperature, that is, many families have installed heat exchangers. During the peak period of heating, many families use heat exchangers, such as bathing, which consumes a lot of heat, so the state expressly prohibits the use of heat exchangers."

in addition, it is learned that Zaozhuang Thermal Power Corporation has introduced a number of remote temperature measuring instruments and established a room temperature acquisition system. Zaozhuang Thermal Power Corporation provides electronic temperature measuring devices free of charge. The ownership belongs to Zaozhuang Thermal Power Corporation, and users have the right to use them free of charge. If the electronic temperature measuring device fails, Zaozhuang Thermal Power Corporation shall be responsible for maintenance free of charge. When users move their houses or are unwilling to continue to use the electronic temperature measuring device for other reasons, they should inform Zaozhuang Thermal Power Corporation in time, which will take back the electronic temperature measuring device. Users can dial to apply for the installation of the device and sign a use agreement with Zaozhuang Thermal Power Corporation before using it

"after installing the remote temperature measuring instrument, we can carry out 24-hour remote monitoring of the user's room temperature and set up a temperature measurement sample room. Now as long as the temperature changes, we can know in time. In the future, there is a scientific basis for the user's indoor temperature to meet the standard, which brings convenience to the heating company and users." Director Li said

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