The integration of the hottest auto mold industry

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A powerful step has been taken in the integration of the automobile mold industry

not long ago, SAIC Group, Baosteel Group and Donghua company signed a mold project cooperation agreement in Nanjing to increase capital and restructure Nanjing NAC mold equipment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the former Yuejin Automobile Group. After the reorganization, SAIC and Baosteel will each hold 35% equity in the newly established joint venture, and Donghua will hold 30% equity

this mold cooperation project is another new progress made by SAIC after actively promoting the comprehensive integration and integrated management in the correct operation procedures of various bursting strength testers, such as vehicle, parts and service trade. At the same time, it will improve the competitiveness of Baosteel Group in plate technology and cost. The reorganization will also promote the rapid development of automobile mold enterprises relying on the advantages of SAIC Group, and constantly expand the production scale and market share

After signing the agreement, both Baosteel and SAIC said that they would fully support the development of NAC mold company. The company can take advantage of Baosteel's advantages in steel supply, new material research and development and the market advantages of SAIC Group to build a complete industrial chain from material - mold - product development, and continuously improve the competitiveness of the enterprise

the person in charge of NAC mold company said with full confidence for the future of the enterprise that within five years, NAC mold company will strive to become one of the enterprises with stronger comprehensive strength in the domestic and even Asian automotive mold industry than these films

experts believe that this is another major restructuring event in the automotive mold industry recently. With the rapid development of China's auto industry and auto parts industry, the increasingly competitive field of auto mold will also usher in an unprecedented wind of integration

last October, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. announced the reorganization and merger of its three major auto parts enterprises in Wuhan. The newly established Dongfeng die stamping technology Co., Ltd. integrates the excellent resources of the original Dongfeng Automobile Die Co., Ltd., Wuhan Dongfeng stamping parts Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Dongfeng Hongtai Holding Group Co., Ltd., becoming the only enterprise in Central China with the development and production capacity of large vehicle (car) dies, and also a rare large die/stamping integration company in China. Some people commented that the establishment of the new company fully embodies the principle of maximizing efficiency and benefits. The integrated operation of die stamping and good location advantages will effectively promote its future product research and development. China plastic mold

it can be seen that these two events are carried out by automobile mold enterprises relying on vehicle enterprises. The purpose of restructuring is also similar, both of which are to make full use of resources and advantages and expand the scale of enterprises. However, the root cause lies in market competition

thanks to the vigorous development of China's automobile industry, the demand for automobile molds continues to expand. At the same time, more and more enterprises have entered this field, intensifying the industry competition

similar to the above two, domestic ① For ordinary metal and non-metal samples, the jaws of the fixture are in direct contact with the samples. Many excellent mold manufacturers are invested and established by vehicle companies. Now, there are also some private capital flocking. It should be noted that with the accelerated layout of foreign-funded companies in China's auto mold market, the number of wholly-owned and joint venture auto mold enterprises has also increased year by year. As a result, similar to many auto parts sub industries, the field of auto mold has also entered a state of many and miscellaneous enterprises, with uneven scale and technical level

the reality is in front of us. Whoever is better in technology, who has stronger production capacity and broader resources, will be able to taste more benefits from the market. Enterprise restructuring will also accelerate the pace of industry integration, and those small-scale and low-level "workshop type" mold enterprises will be eliminated. For external competition, our local mold enterprises should go head-on and improve themselves in all aspects

I believe that more automobile mold enterprises will join the restructuring team and try their best to improve their comprehensive strength. What follows is a new round of industry integration of survival of the fittest. Chinese plastic mold

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