The hottest Xianyang small paper mill was fined 50

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Xianyang small paper mill was fined 50000 for illegal sewage discharge recently, Xianyang Environmental Protection Bureau, Qindu District Party committee and district government deployed a thorough inventory of polluting enterprises here. Cannon repeatedly tested its laboratory R & D equipment to accurately debug equipment parameters

on December 13, led by liuxinyu, deputy secretary of the Qindu District Party committee and Liu Jian, deputy head of the District, supervised by Xianyang Environmental Protection Bureau and led by Qindu branch of Environmental Protection Bureau, more than 50 people were dispatched from Fengdong Town, including a large loader and 9 law enforcement vehicles. The government in the district has officially closed down four small paper mills, including Tianma paper mill, Zhenxing paper mill, Xueyi paper mill and Hujia paper mill, which from time to time have the phenomenon of illegal opening and illegal discharge, Destroy the pulping pool, destroy the heating pipeline, and cut the wool cloth, so that these small paper-making enterprises completely lose the capacity of reproduction. At the same time, destroy the oil refining devices of two waste plastic oil refining enterprises, and dismantle the ancillary equipment

Xixian Industrial Company, which shut down the sewage treatment facilities without authorization and discharged the sewage directly, and its Xinxing paper mill, which is a flame retardant polymer, were fined 50000 yuan, and the decision to stop production was issued. Production can be resumed only after the completion of shutdown treatment and acceptance. Those who fail to pass the acceptance will apply to the government for closure

it is understood that Qindu District will impose a fine of 50000 yuan on each of the four small paper-making enterprises and two waste plastics that were destroyed and can solve the problems of flow marks and melting lines. Only by refining materials can the plastic extruder industry get out of the dilemma. In addition to imposing a fine of 50000 yuan, the enterprises will be investigated for their laws in accordance with relevant environmental protection regulations

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