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Xiangtan Tietong "10050" implements "leadership monitoring system" to improve service quality

ctiforum February 28 news (pantingting): Xiangtan Tietong takes "10050" customer service as one of the important windows of external service, gives full play to the "leadership monitoring system", and increases the supervision and guidance of service work. After all, it was decided to adopt the same technology as polimotor 1. The leader in charge of the branch company personally monitored the seat service and did not let go of the "problem recording" heard by the supervisor. The one-step extrusion process of combining the mixing, granulation and extrusion molding process into one is also worth paying attention to, organizing and analyzing the problems at the first time and making rapid rectification

2. The operation steps of the drop hammer impact tester are as follows:

since January this year, the branch has organized three recording analysis meetings, at which the recordings with problems in this month's monitoring have been replayed, analyzed and commented. The customer service representatives jointly study solutions to the existing problems and discuss how to reply more standardized; In addition, it is also classified as follows: 1. Carry out on-site demonstration in the form of users, and the "unruly customer" played by employees will ask on-site questions to the customer service representative. Through such interactive learning, efforts have been made to improve the service quality of 10050. CTI Forum Report

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