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Xiangyang YC heavy rubber sheathed cable yc3*25+1*10 national standard

Xiangyang YC heavy rubber sheathed cable yc3*25+1*10 national standard

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Xiangyang YC heavy rubber sheathed cable yc3*25+1*10 national standard

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area of cables and wires. 6. Deformation through deformation, height, force value measurement

1. Cable and wire main 4. Operation mode control: full computer control. Windows mode operation should be composed of three parts, namely core wire, insulating skin and protective skin. The wire is made of the outer layer of the wire wrapped with a light and soft protective layer; The cable is covered with metal or rubber outside the wire, which is mainly used to transmit electrical signals

2. Wires, as conductive wires carrying current, can be divided into stranded, solid, foil braided, etc. It is divided into bare electricity and insulated electricity according to the insulation condition. The cable is composed of insulated conducting wires placed in the sheath. The surface is covered with protective coating, which is mainly used for transmission, distribution or transmission of electrical signals. The difference in appearance is that the cable size is larger and the structure is more complex, while the wire size is smaller and the structure is simpler

3. The advantage of the cable is that it occupies less space, and the insulation distance between lines is not different. If it is laid underground, it will not occupy the space above the ground, and will not be affected by the surrounding environmental pollution. The power transmission is very reliable and safe, and will not cause interference to people and the surrounding environment. Therefore, cables are often used in densely populated and crowded places, which plays a very important role in modernization

yc heavy rubber sheathed cable yc3*25+1*10 with the continuous intensification of competition in the wire and cable industry, mergers and acquisitions and capital operations among large wire and cable enterprises are becoming more and more frequent. Domestic excellent wire and cable production enterprises pay more and more attention to the research on the industry market, especially the in-depth research on the development environment of enterprises and the changes in customer demand trends. Because of this, a large number of excellent domestic wire and cable brands have risen rapidly, including high flexible cables and drag chain cables. Pur cable. The report of wire and cable industry mainly analyzes the operation and prospect prediction of wire and cable industry; Market demand forecast and procurement of power cable products; Market demand forecast and procurement of communication cable products; Market situation of cables for electrical equipment; Market conditions of bare wires and winding wires; The competitive pattern of wire and cable enterprises and the operation of competitors; Development status and planning of wire and cable industry base; Trends in the construction of wire and cable industry base projects; Analysis of existing problems in wire and cable industry and suggestions for solutions. At the same time. With comprehensive and detailed first-hand continuous market data of the whole industry in the past five years, you can comprehensively and accurately grasp the market trend and development trend of the whole wire and cable industry

the company has many years of experience in the same industry. Through cooperation with manufacturers and exchanges with customers, it has the ability to build a platform that is honest, reasonable and realizes the interests of all parties

yc heavy rubber sheathed cable yc3*25+1*10 high operating temperature: mining cable marking machine can be connected, and the operating temperature is as high as 250 ℃. Fire resistance: copper and magnesium oxide are inorganic materials used in mineral insulated cables. This kind of cable will not burn or support combustion, and can still be operated under the condition of being close to the flame. Explosion proof: the highly compacted insulation data in the mineral insulated cable can prevent steam, gas and flame from passing between the equipment parts connected with the cable; Long service life: inorganic materials used in mineral insulated cables can ensure the stability, long service life and fire resistance of the cables; Waterproof: if the mining cable marking machine is completely immersed in water, with the help of its seamless metal sheath, the mineral insulated cable can be operated continuously; Small outer diameter: the diameter of mineral insulated cable is smaller than other cables with the same rated current; High mechanical strength: the mineral insulated cable is strong and durable, and can withstand severe mechanical damage without endangering its electrical function; Large current carrying capacity: for cables with the same cross-section, the mining cable marking machine transmits higher current than other types of cables

I. definition of cable

a cable is made of several wires or groups of wires, which are insulated from each other and twisted around a central wire, which is covered with a high insulating layer. The processing starts from the conductor, and the cable products are wrapped with insulation, shielding, cabling and protective layer. The more complex the product structure is, the more layers are

II. Definition of wire

wire is a conductive metal wire carrying current. There are several forms of wires, including twisted or foil braided, etc. According to the insulation condition, there are two kinds of bare wires and insulated wires. The flexible cylindrical conductor is wrapped with insulation, and its length is larger than its cross-section size

yc heavy rubber sheathed cable yc3*25+1*10 this product is applicable to cables for connecting electronic computers and automation equipment with high anti-interference requirements at rated voltage of 500V and below. The cable ground wire core insulation adopts K-type B-type low-density polyethylene with oxygen aging resistance. Polyethylene has high insulation resistance, good voltage resistance, and the dielectric coefficient and dielectric loss are less affected by temperature and frequency. It can meet the requirements of transmission performance and ensure the service life of the cable. In order to reduce the mutual crosstalk and external interference between circuits, the cable adopts a shielding structure. The shielding requirements of the cable are: Twisted Pair Shielding, total shielding of twisted pair composed cable, total shielding after twisted pair shielding, etc. according to different applications. There are three kinds of shielding materials: copper wire, copper tape and aluminum foil/plastic composite tape. The shielding pair and the shielding pair have good insulation performance. If there is a potential difference between the shielding pair and the shielding pair during the use of the cable, the signal transmission effect will not be affected. Production scope: instrument cable djyp2vr12*2*1 0 computer cable price

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