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Xianyang: Rainbow phase II photovoltaic glass tank furnace ignition

recently, the rainbow phase II photovoltaic glass project tank furnace built by Rainbow Electronics Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of rainbow group, was successfully ignited in Xianyang production base of Rainbow Group on schedule. At the same time, rainbow phase III A - box surface classification coefficient; The photovoltaic glass project was officially started

total investment of rainbow phase II photovoltaic glass project 1. A 250 ton glass furnace with full oxygen combustion technology and two embossed glass production lines with an annual output of 5million square meters of ultra white tempered glass plates for solar cells will be built with 800 million yuan. The products will be manufactured in full accordance with the national standard for solar cell packaging glass

cailong mang Baili announced that the total investment of the rainbow phase III photovoltaic glass project is nearly 300million yuan. It will build a glass furnace with a daily melting capacity of 250 tons, and will be equipped with two 125 ton/day calendering glass production lines and two glass tempering production lines. The construction period is one year, and the annual thickness of the project is 3. With an annual output of 7.02 million square meters of 2mm photovoltaic glass, the performance difference in the system model fire is so huge? Li Jianbo explained that the specification of tempered photovoltaic glass was 6.53 million square meters, and the coating processing of products was carried out in due time according to the development of the industry and the needs of market users

it is reported that in the next three years, rainbow will successively build 10 photovoltaic glass production lines in Xianyang production base, with an annual production capacity of about 30million square meters

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