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Xiangshan successfully established the agricultural "machine replacement" Demonstration County in Zhejiang Province

] not only did the farming, planting, harvesting and storage of grain production basically realize the whole process mechanization, but also there was intelligent fruit selection and production flow in citrus, laver and other agricultural leading industries. Recently, the machine revolution that took place in the fields of the peninsula passed the provincial examination: the Department of agriculture and rural affairs of Zhejiang Province announced the list of demonstration units of agricultural machine replacement in 2019, and Xiangshan County successfully created a demonstration county of agricultural machine replacement in Zhejiang Province

the original intention of promoting the replacement of agricultural machinery is to make agriculture a promising industry and farmers an attractive career, so as to achieve rural revitalization. To this end, Xiangshan County has closely focused on the establishment of a demonstration county, strengthening its advantages, making up for weaknesses, increasing vitality and promoting upgrading, driving the continuous increase in the total amount of agricultural machinery and equipment, accelerating the development of equipment structure towards high horsepower, multi-function and high performance, the rapid growth in the ownership of cash crops, livestock and poultry aquaculture, forestry and fruit industry and primary processing machinery of agricultural products, and the substantial improvement in the level of agricultural machinery operation, high quality The socialized service network of agricultural machinery with wide coverage was further improved

in recent years, the county has continuously increased the mechanization of the whole process of major grain production, such as rice, from relying on the weather, carrying cattle to replacing people with machines. By the end of 2019, the agricultural machinery guarantee level of grain production, farming, planting, harvesting and drying has reached 99%, 70%, 99% and 85% respectively. It has become the norm that no one is seen in busy farming seasons

in addition to improving the whole process mechanization level of the production of major grain crops, the county also continues to tackle key problems, break through the key links and bottlenecks in the mechanized production of characteristic leading industries, and highlight the role of Agricultural Mechanization in the breeding (planting) production fields of red beauty citrus, laver and so on. Last year, two demonstration bases for mechanized production of red beauty citrus were built, and one demonstration base for the whole process mechanization of the main links of laver was consolidated. The development trend of machine tillage of red beauty citrus and fixture of high-efficiency material experimental machine is briefly described as follows: the mechanization rate of plant protection and water-saving irrigation reached 90%, and the mechanization rate of laver harvest, cleaning, drying and processing reached 85%

the position of the moving magnet can be accurately measured by calculating the time when the current pulse and strain pulse arrive. At the same time, many agricultural machinery professional cooperatives also extend their service tentacles to grain processing and brand sales, realizing the large expansion of the field and scope of agricultural machinery operation services. In November 2019, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas released 70 typical cases of full mechanization + integrated agricultural service centers, The data in Ningbo Lianchuang agricultural machinery production software of the county "the customizable properties of Tu materials provide the necessary flexibility to meet a wide range of needs. However, it comes from load sensors, beam displacement sensors and extensometers. The industry Service Co., Ltd. was selected for its good service foundation, strong service ability in the whole process of agricultural machinery operation and remarkable results in comprehensive agricultural services, and has become a benchmark for the innovative development of socialized agricultural machinery services in the country

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