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Xiangjiang new area joins hands with Zoomlion, and great wisdom empowers "big guy"

Xiangjiang new area joins hands with Zoomlion, and great wisdom empowers "big guy"

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on May 18, the "smart alliance and intelligent driving integration technology R & D and innovation cooperation framework agreement" was signed in Changsha, which is Hunan Xiangjiang new area to promote smart alliance empowering construction machinery, Another important measure to implement the strategy of "three highs and four innovations" is also an important exploration for Changsha to integrate the two city cards of "city of construction machinery" and "city of intelligent driving", give play to the innovative superposition effect of "1+1 2" and create a "new power city"

a perfect combination of "smart link" + "construction machinery" in-depth link

"the signing ceremony of key projects of smart link enabling construction machinery is not only a major measure to implement the" three high and four new "strategy, but also a practical action for Changsha and Xiangjiang new areas to build national important advanced manufacturing highlands." Zhong Gang said in his speech that intelligent driving, together with construction machinery, has given new wings to the transformation and upgrading of construction machinery, which is conducive to accelerating the promotion of automation, intelligence and digitalization, and making a sprint towards a world-class advanced manufacturing cluster; Smart link has a new carrier for industrial implementation, which is conducive to accelerating the commercialization, marketization and industrialization of application scenarios, and creating a new 100 billion level strategic emerging industry. It is hoped that the contracting parties will cooperate in depth to create a "1+1 2" superposition. Xinjiang Zhonghe has a perfect effect of high-purity aluminum production and testing technology. Xiangjiang new area and all municipal departments should create the most convenient conditions for the implementation of the project, provide the most efficient services, promote the integration and mutual promotion of intelligent connection and construction machinery, realize the empowerment and upgrading, take the lead in the world, and contribute more to the implementation of the "three high and four new" strategy and the construction of a modern new Hunan demonstration zone

at the signing ceremony, Hunan Xiangjiang New Area Management Committee, Zoomlion and Xiangjiang intelligent signed a cooperation agreement. The three parties will give full play to their respective advantages and use their own resources to promote the integration and application, R & D and innovation, standard co construction and other aspects of intelligent driving of Changsha intelligent joint and construction machinery to achieve innovative development, accelerate the commercialization, marketization and industrialization of application scenarios, and create a new 100 billion level strategic emerging industry

Zoomlion is a leading enterprise in China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry, mainly engaged in the R & D and manufacturing of construction machinery and agricultural machinery. It is the first batch of national innovative enterprises and national technological innovation demonstration enterprises in China, with a total of nearly 9000 authorized patents. Since 2014, the company has continued to deepen the special work of product 4.0, focusing on the Four extremes of "performance, quality, cost and service", focusing on product intelligence, making mechanical equipment "perceptible, brain and thinking", realizing the "self diagnosis, self adjustment and self adaptation" of equipment, and creating more than 280 intelligent 4.0 products, accounting for more than 80% of the company's product sales revenue. A number of new technology products, such as hollow boom lightweight intelligent pump truck, 5g remote operated excavator and driverless combine harvester, which are the first in the industry, continue to promote the intelligent level of the industry

Xiangjiang intelligent is an innovative enterprise in the construction and operation of new infrastructure projects such as smart link and intelligent transportation. It mainly undertakes the operation of the National Smart link automobile (Changsha) test area, the construction and operation of Changsha smart link application scenarios, and the operation of Huawei cloud innovation center. It is the main unit in the construction and operation of Changsha National Car link pilot area. Xiangjiang intelligent takes "platform operation", "innovation drive" and "industrial chain coordination" as its business core to build an intelligent product assembly supplier, system solution supplier, industrial investment and industry city integration service provider for the smart car industry

in this cooperation, the three parties will rely on Zoomlion's "State Key Laboratory for construction machinery key technology" and Xiangjiang intelligent's Changsha "road cloud map" smart car new infrastructure and application scenario system, and focus on engineering machinery and equipment such as mixers to jointly develop vehicle road collaborative assisted intelligent driving system, self driving special vehicle solutions, vehicle road collaborative road cloud system services and on-board test and supervision equipment, Jointly build a demonstration project of vehicle road cloud integration and intelligent driving

at the same time, the three parties will jointly set up the "intelligent integrated construction machinery innovation and Application Laboratory" in the new area to jointly carry out the research and development of intelligent integrated construction machinery technology, standard development, industrial research, national, provincial and municipal projects, project applications, etc., and work together to explore the cutting-edge technology of vehicle road cloud collaborative integration and intelligent driving, as well as expand its application in construction machinery

ride the wind and integrate two "city cards" to create a new 180 that meets the ul1005 standard (± 90.) 20 times/minute and 540 of ul859 standard In recent years, Hunan Xiangjiang new area has promoted the vigorous development of the smart car industry, using smart technology to enable different combinations of frost resistance surface force measurement methods and force adding methods such as engineering machinery, transportation and environmental protection to produce different styles of horizontal tensile testing machines, and vigorously build smart cities. Citizens have really enjoyed the dividends brought by smart technology, It also helped Changsha to be selected into the first batch of pilot cities for the coordinated development of smart city infrastructure and smart cars in China

as a platform enterprise of the smart car industry in Xiangjiang new area, Xiangjiang intelligent has built a domestic first-class full scene test environment based on the National Smart car (Changsha) test area: the first smart bus demonstration line in China has been opened, 100 km smart Expressway and 100 square kilometers of urban open roads have been built, and an intelligent cloud control platform has been created. This year, the smart customized bus built by traffic, traffic police, Baojun bus and Xiangjiang intelligence was opened for trial operation in Xiangjiang new area, and the public was very impressed

in addition to enabling citizens to travel through intelligent connection technology, Xiangjiang intelligent has also applied intelligent connection technology to construction machinery, which has been moving continuously since 2021. In February, Hunan Xiangjiang New Area Management Committee, Xiangjiang intelligent and Sany Heavy Industry joined hands to activate the in-depth integration of smart car and construction machinery industry. This time, Zoomlion teamed up with Zoomlion again to promote the further "integration" of the two industries. The world's largest intelligent construction machinery industry cluster is ready to emerge in Xiangjiang new area

Changsha, the "capital of construction machinery in China", is home to four top 50 global construction machinery enterprises and more than 200 supporting enterprises. In recent years, with Hunan Xiangjiang New Area as the core, Changsha has vigorously promoted the smart car industry and is committed to building a "smart driving city". The combination of the two shining "city business cards" will further promote the integration, innovative application and development of Changsha local intelligent association and intelligent driving of construction machinery, and help Changsha build a new power city

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