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Xiang Wenbo: "tell you a real Sany and industry"

Xiang Wenbo: "tell you a real Sany and industry"

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Guide: Sany is very healthy, and the industry is expected to recover next year. Since the restart of Weibo, in response to some friends' misunderstanding of Sany, Xiang Wenbo repeatedly stressed that Sany has good business performance and is not inferior to any company in the industry. He said that the negative news about Sany is related to someone spreading rumors wantonly, but in fact, Sany

Sany is very healthy and the industry is expected to recover next year.

since the restart of Weibo, Xiang Wenbo has repeatedly stressed that Sany has good business performance and is not inferior to any company in the industry in view of the misunderstanding of some friends about Sany. He said that the negative news about Sany was related to people spreading rumors, "in fact, Sany is very healthy."

for the healthy operation of Sany, Xiang Wenbo stated four reasons: "First of all, it has a strong profitability, ranking first in the industry; second, it has a strong cash flow. In the past five years, Sany has a positive cash flow of more than 13 billion, and most of the industry has no positive cash flow. Some enterprises blindly pursue scale, with a negative cash flow of more than 20 billion; third, it has a strong financing ability. Sany has hardly used equity financing since it was listed. If the equity of major shareholders is diluted to the same level of some enterprises in the industry, such as about 20%, even if At today's share price, Sany can raise 200 billion yuan; Fourth, if Sany also factoring out loans, as long as factoring 20.5 billion, it can pay off all bank loans. Therefore, please rest assured that all Sany shareholders and all friends who care about Sany rest assured that Sany is very healthy. "

at the same time, Xiang Wenbo also expressed his expectations for the recovery of the industry. He said, "some people say that I am not confident in the development of the industry. On the contrary, I am still confident in the development of the construction machinery industry. I believe that China's economy will enter a new golden period of development next year. Coupled with the strong growth of the export of the construction machinery industry, China's construction machinery industry is likely to enter a new round of rapid growth."

lament the harm of vicious competition and call for rational competition

since the end of last year, the radical sales strategies and various vicious competition means in China's construction machinery industry have aroused widespread concern in the industry

Xiang Wenbo lamented in his microblog: "the intensification of vicious competition in the industry has actually seriously damaged the healthy development of the industry and the interests of our customers."

Comprehensively improve the industrial quality

"the destructive force of vicious competition on the industry is far greater than the impact of bad market, because vicious competition has seriously damaged the industry ecology! It has damaged the interests of consumers, which is equivalent to the excessive and brutal exploitation of mine resources in pursuit of short-term interests."

on Weibo, Xiang Wenbo expressed his abhorrence of this vicious competition. He called on the whole construction machinery industry to unite, put an end to vicious competition, and jointly safeguard the interests of the industry and the rights and interests of consumers

"any rational operator should not aim to defeat others but to strengthen himself. Many people leave messages on my microblog that I don't agree with defeating this or that. A few days ago, President Liang and I met with the CEO of an international construction machinery giant. Both sides believed that we should strive to maintain the healthy development of the industry. Sany employees know that we may mention catching up, but we will never say defeat." Xiang Wenbo said

link: wonderful quotations from Xiang Wenbo's microblog

◎ Chinese entrepreneurs are really tired. They spend one third of their time dealing with "adults", that is, all kinds of entertainment; One third of the time to deal with "villains", to prevent all kinds of conspiracy; The remaining third deals with "family", that is, their own work and family life. Without firm faith and will, it is impossible to be an enterprise, especially an excellent enterprise

◎ I can't talk about fashion. Children from rural areas, but I always remind myself to maintain a natural simplicity and ordinary mentality of rural people, not to be happy with things, not to be sad for myself

◎ China's good voice programs are very good-looking. I will be deeply moved by such programs and burst into tears. Maybe it is because I have been hurt by too much unequal competition, or because I deeply desire our country to compete as equally as possible in all fields, so that the real outstanding people can stand out. China, with a population of 1.3 billion, is bound to be stronger

◎ I hope Sany employees have the courage to express. I am very willing to communicate with you. This material can be cooled by evaporation of sweat. You can contact me in any way. I must reply

◎ Sany needs to do more than one. 1. First of all, we should understand an enterprise but devote ourselves to the rejuvenation of the nation. As long as we stick to this ideal, Sany people are everywhere

◎ I may be one of the most unlikely bosses in China, because I'm not good at pretending, and I don't want to pretend. I hope I'll always be in the state of leaving the countryside at the age of 16. To tell you a little thing, once I took the high-speed railway from Guangzhou to Changsha alone and bought my own boxed lunch in the car. I happened to be seen by a customer. I heard the marketing representative say that the customer was very impressed. In fact, I felt very normal. I repeatedly told myself that I was a common people

◎ generally speaking, China's transportation system has length, less width, quantity and poor quality, so it is easy to jam in case of traffic peak or accident; If it is compared to the blood vessels of the human body, it has been mismatched with the powerful heart of China's rapid economic growth, which may affect heart health and be very prone to thrombosis and even stroke

◎ I know that Sany is not a paradise. Some bad things in society exist in Sany. Sany is not perfect. There are still various problems, but we have a firm determination to adhere to our values and pursue perfection, which requires the joint efforts of all employees

the authenticity of this information is not known. In recent years, the Wu Yongning research group of the Institute of nutrition and food safety of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention has found that the test and Research on more than 1000 breast milk samples in 12 provinces have been confirmed by the information of Chinese construction machinery, which is for your reference only. Please do not reprint without permission. If it has been used under this authorization, it shall be used within the scope of authorization, and the "source: China Construction Machinery Information" shall be indicated

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