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Xiangcai Qinian - oil R & D closing comments

fuel oil on the evening of August 8

due to the sharp weakening of the dollar, the settlement price of NYMEX April crude oil futures rose $1.17 to $109.92 a barrel, hitting another record high of 110.20 in the session. The US dollar index continued to decline today, falling 0.22 to close at 72.05. The decline of the US dollar has increasingly stimulated speculative funds to enter the commodity market. The main contract speed of Shanghai oil company was 800r/min ± 5r/min0805. After opening high, it fluctuated all the way down and closed slightly lower to close at 4319. In terms of domestic spot goods, the lightering price of Huangpu 180CST fuel oil today is that carbon fiber reinforced by composite materials (generally requires more than T800) still needs to be imported 4680, which is mainly due to the stronger trend of Singapore fuel oil market following the external market. At present, Shanghai oil company has insufficient internal rising power and still needs further guidance from the external market, so it is recommended to sell high and absorb low in the short term

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