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There are unique ways to maintain idlers

today, with the continuous development of the idlers industry, the service life of idlers is a very important factor to determine the selling level of idlers. So how to prolong the service life of the idler? It is necessary to start with the usual maintenance. If the usual maintenance is done well, the service life will naturally be extended. Fuda idler manufacturer adopts international standard design and manufacturing technology to raise the design and manufacturing of idler to a higher level. After years of production experience, we need to do the following maintenance in the use of rubber idler:

1. During holidays, we need to remove the rubber idler from the support by refining the formula and modifying polyurethane at the molecular level or during breaks, This is a good way to prevent what else needs to be done? However: no matter which type of rubber idler is deformed, once the sealing ring of the buffer idler is deformed, it will be difficult to handle it, which will seriously affect the effect of use

2. The surface of rubber idlers is easily affected by the surrounding environment. For example, the humidity and temperature of the air will make certain changes in the material of rubber idlers. Therefore, we should use professional cleaning solvents to carefully clean the rubber idlers used every day. After cleaning, put the rubber idlers in a ventilated and dark place and wait for 24 hours before putting them into use, In this way, the use effect of the rubber idler can be well maintained

3. How to store the rubber idlers for a long time: the surface of the rubber idlers is very easy to be damaged or scratched. Securities code: 002886) materials for the grand ceremony of the first public offering of a shares held in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. We need paper or protective film to wrap them, so that the rubber idlers can be well protected from external factors

in addition, fidelity reminds you that the rubber idler should be far away from the products that will produce a certain amount of ozone, such as the rubber idler generator, because ozone is a fatal threat to the rubber idler. (end)

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