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IEI 250W 1U RoHS industrial power supply is newly launched

server power supply is very important. Considering the good dielectric property, many interconnected servers are used in high load conditions. For example, some servers run large forum and chat room programs 24 hours a day, and often occupy more than 50% of the CPU. In this way, the power requirements for the power supply are very high. Once the power supply power is unqualified and the CPU continues to be too high, the server will also crash Restart and other problems occur

after years of efforts, IEI has finally launched a full range of 1U server dedicated power supplies, with power ranging from 40W to 250W and input modes ranging from AC to DC, to meet your various needs

product features:

u high efficiency (up to 70%)

u2 groups of independent + 12V output

u meets the atx2.0 standard, with a new 20+4pinatx output head and SATA power output head

u full function protection

u100% followed by hi pot test

u passes a variety of security/emc certification

u meets the ROHS standard

Veda is famous for the quality of service it provides to automation system customers, including the European Union's RoHS Directive on hazardous substances for electronic products. Veda deeply cares about the global greening campaign, so we actively ensure that the products under the global layout can meet the relevant environmental protection specifications. Under the new lead-free process, all guests will be able to safely plan their long-term projects without worrying about the violation of RoHS related prohibitions

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