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IEI set up offices in Wuhan and Xi'an, and officially began to deploy a national service network. Since the establishment of the Chinese headquarters in Shanghai in 2004, the EI group of I measuring amplifier, the leader of Taiwan's industrial control industry, has been pioneering and developing steadily. In 2005, it began to deploy enterprise level services step by step throughout the country, including sales friction. At present, it is expanding its business in China. On june22,2005, Wuhan and Xi'an offices were officially announced to be established, which conforms to the development trend of circular economy and expands sales channels, trying to adjust measures to local conditions and provide the most direct and fast services to customers in central and Northwest China

the establishment of the Wuhan Xi'an Office has been highly valued by IEI China headquarters. On the morning of June 18, an authorization ceremony was held in the reception hall of IEI China headquarters. Mr. lizhengzhe, deputy general manager of IEI China headquarters, solemnly presented the authorization card of the office and congratulated the colleagues of the Office on their great opening and great exhibition

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