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Data show that:

79% of urban people have experienced

affecting the sleep of their families due to different work and rest times

47% of urban people have experienced insomnia caused by too much noise

22% of urban people have experienced the experience of being awakened by noise in their sleep

this shows that, A quiet home environment

is very important for people who want to have peace of mind at home and have requirements for sleep

how to truly realize noise isolation

in this regard,

Shuanghu sound insulation door adopts physical sound insulation effect

that is, it fully seals the gap between the bottom of the door and the ground

breaks through the confinement of traditional wooden doors that are only separated by visual space

will "automatic lifting door bottom sealing strip"

according to "several" The zigzag installation is installed at the bottom of the door leaf

to truly realize the sealing and sound insulation of the wooden door

in addition to the strength of the mute ability

Shuanghu sound insulation door, it has a high appearance that makes people fall in love at first sight

and green and environmental friendly paint

it makes the home both quiet and fashionable

it also makes health add color to your home life

Shuanghu wooden door hopes that every change we make

is for your quality life.The




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