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Shuanghu door industry signed a heavy contract with famous artist Hu Ke to create a new height of brand image 2017-12-18 Shuanghu wooden door recently, Chongqing Shuanghu company and famous film and television star Hu Ke held a grand signing ceremony in Beijing, officially announcing the signing of famous artist Hu Ke as the image spokesperson of Shuanghu door industry

Shuanghu door brand executives signed a contract with Hu Ke at the scene

since its establishment, Chongqing Shuanghu company has been winning many advantages with an open mind, adhering to the supremacy of quality, and has successively had in-depth cooperation with many world-class enterprises in technology, equipment, research and development, raw materials and market understanding. It also introduces German and Italian wood products production equipment, adopts European advanced technology, and produces in strict accordance with national jg/t122-2000 and GB18584-2001 standards

Shuanghu craftsman meticulously polished every set of wooden doors, with 21 production processes and 28 standard tests. After a 30 day production cycle, the quality of all products was tracked and monitored. The accumulation of experience and strict quality control made the products of Shuanghu company show in the sampling results that the formaldehyde content of wooden doors was as low as 0.3mg/l, and the authoritative test results strongly guaranteed the quality of Shuanghu products

after years of precipitation and development, Chongqing Shuanghu company has been recognized by the wooden door industry time and time again with its own strength. It has now developed into one of the top ten brands of wooden doors in China, and has successively won many honors, such as China's famous brand, national top 30 enterprises of wooden doors, China's green materials logo, China's green building materials products, China's key recommended products of construction engineering, etc

since her debut, Hu Ke, whose appearance is pure and sweet, has always been shown in an elegant and fresh image. Her excellent performance in smoke and cloud in Beijing and the story of the deer tripod quickly made the audience remember this fresh and pleasant girl

in our happy life, Hu Ke's unconventional appearance of an ordinary "ugly duckling" made a great sacrifice. At the same time, Hu Ke himself also admitted that he learned from this role that "love is not a business. If you love someone, you are willing to pay. In the process of paying, you are also enjoying this kind of happiness. Only when you don't care about the return can you be happy." (Xinhuanet review)

she is the real and pure Zhen Yu in the wind and moon, the charming and capable Su Quan in the LuDingJi, the shrewd and capable stock woman in if you are the one, and the simple and diligent Tang Qiuyan in wandering

she has not experienced trials and hardships, and is full of nature, pure beauty and simplicity. A mature woman is like a piece of jade, she is exquisite and exquisite. Hu Ke, from the lovely and friendly big sister in the little dragon club in the children's hearts, has transformed into Su Quan, who is all kinds of amorous in Luding, like a gorgeous turn to stay in people's minds. (Sina online review)

Netease fashion Hu Ke special report

in September 2016, the China Association for science and technology invited Hu Ke to serve as an image ambassador for science popularization in China

Hu Ke, who plays Su Luyun (the Royal concubine of Chunhui) in the opening play of 2018, has high requirements for the quality of life. She is the mother of two children. Therefore, in terms of home selection, Hu Ke pays more attention to safety and health than product quality! At the same time, Hu Ke's young, fashionable and simple image is very consistent with the brand personality of Shuanghu company. For this reason, Shuanghu company has also become the best choice for Ms. Hu Ke

for this signing, Mr. gaozhenpeng, general manager of Chongqing Shuanghu company, said "This time, Shuanghu door industry signed a contract with Hu Ke as the image spokesman, which is behind the needs of enterprise brand innovation and development; our products have always been known for their simple style and positioning to serve the white-collar class. Since her debut, Ms. Hu Ke has always been known for her elegant and fresh image, which coincides with our brand positioning. I believe this cooperation will make the brand influence of Shuanghu wooden door step into a new field!"

Shuanghu wooden door company also hopes to build a "Shuanghu door industry" brand worldwide with its strength, wisdom, courage and responsibility to the society and industry, and promote an aesthetic and scientific living environment

after years of precipitation and development, Chongqing Shuanghu wooden door company has a sales network covering more than 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country, with thousands of sales outlets

in the future, Chongqing Shuanghu wooden door company will work with Huke to bring a more fashionable, healthy and comfortable home environment to more families. Shuanghu company will also continue to uphold the business philosophy of quality first and use ingenuity to create high-quality products of "one-time purchase and lifelong enjoyment" for tens of millions of users





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