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After the decoration, most owners inevitably have some regrets, some of which are mistakes in the construction of the decoration company, but also many of which are caused by their original wrong decisions. So how to avoid these regrets? The Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network has specially sorted out some solutions for you! Regret index of insufficient power socket: ★★★★★★ case: "My power sockets are basically two hole and three hole sockets connected to a panel...

after the decoration, most owners inevitably have some regrets, some of which are mistakes in the construction of the decoration company, but also many of which are caused by their original wrong decisions. So how to avoid these regrets? The editor of Wuhan home decoration network has specially sorted out some solutions for you!

power supply The socket is not enough

regret index: ★★★★★

case: "my family's power sockets are basically the kind of two hole and three hole sockets connected to a panel, but many kitchen appliances are three pin plugs. Sometimes you can't use an electromagnetic oven with an electric cooker, and you can't use an electric kettle with a microwave oven at the same time, so it's troublesome to cook a meal!"

truth: most families install conjoined secondary and tertiary sockets, but in fact, such installation is not reasonable. Kitchen appliances such as electric cookers, microwave ovens, electric kettles, range hoods, etc. are usually three pin plugs. If all conjoined sockets are installed, the three pin sockets in the kitchen will not be enough. Therefore, when installing sockets, we should carefully consider the specific situation of electrical appliances in each room and reasonably configure sockets

uneven laying of water and electricity

regret index: ★★★★★

case: "when our home was decorated, the workers said that the horizontal and vertical laying of water and electricity would waste materials. Now, there is a problem with the circuit at home and it needs to be repaired. The master said that the wires were laid askew at the beginning, and now the wires are not easy to repair."

truth: the laying of water and electricity should be horizontal and vertical as far as possible, and it should not be "overwhelming" like a spider web, otherwise it will be difficult to identify the embedded position of water pipes and wires in the future, which is very troublesome to repair. Later, if you still need to drive nails on the wall and ground, it is possible to drive through wires or water pipes, causing electric leakage or water pipe burst

wire maintenance without color separation is troublesome

regret index: ★★★★★

case: "the socket in the bedroom needs to be replaced. The master removed the socket and found that the three wires of the socket are the same color. The master said that the wire color is the same, there is no color separation installation, and it cannot be replaced immediately. The wire type can be detected only by removing the line along the road."

truth: the color separation of wires is usually red for the live wire, blue for the zero wire, and yellow and green for the ground wire. If the wires are not separated, it is easy to install the wrong switch in the later stage. In particular, if the socket is not colored, it will not be clear which is the zero line and which is the ground line during later installation. If it is connected incorrectly, it will trip

no special line

regret index: ★★ ☆

case: "we don't know much about decoration. The construction master said that it was OK to use the same wire, so the wires in our house are 2.5 square millimeters. Now with air conditioning, there will be a short circuit from time to time, which is really depressing."

truth: Generally speaking, wires with a cross-section of 2.5 mm2 are used in home decoration, but for high-power electrical appliances such as air conditioners and electric water heaters, special lines with a cross-section of 4 mm2 should be used, In order to avoid the phenomenon of short circuit when using these high-power appliances

the bathroom socket is not blocked

regret index: ★★★☆

case: "I have not paid attention to the waterproof problem of the bathroom socket, and the ordinary socket is installed in the bathroom. If the socket is splashed by water when bathing one day, it will be troublesome."

truth: due to the high humidity in the bathroom, you must pay attention to moisture-proof and waterproof when installing the socket, otherwise you will leave a great potential safety hazard. The socket installed in the bathroom must be equipped with a splash proof cover. If an ordinary socket has been installed, add a splash proof cover to the socket to prevent water and electricity leakage

the switch and socket are blocked

regret index: ★★★★☆

case: "the switch of the lighting in my living room is installed behind the door. Every time I go home at night, I have to close the door to turn on the light. It's dark at night and it's easy to trip."

truth: such decoration regrets are also common. Either the door handle switch is blocked, or the socket "hides" behind the furniture, which not only increases the trouble in use, but also has certain potential safety hazards

generally speaking, if the door is opened to the left, the door entry switch should be installed on the right to ensure that the light can be turned on easily as soon as you enter the door. The socket switch is blocked by the furniture, mainly because the furniture is too high or too wide. Finally, the owner has to use the patch panel to solve the problem. Therefore, when installing water and electricity, try to reserve enough furniture space first, so that regret can be avoided

strong and weak wires do not separate

regret index: ★★★★★

case: "when installing the circuit, the workers said that the installation of wires separately would increase the cost, and the separation does not have much impact. Who knows that TV and telephone signals are often disturbed now."

truth: strong current refers to TV line, computer line, air conditioning line, etc; Weak current refers to telephone lines, network lines, audio lines, video lines and audio lines. During installation, strong current and weak current must not be threaded in the same pipe. They should be installed separately as far as possible, and the distance between strong current and weak current should be at least 20 cm, otherwise mutual interference will occur, affecting heat dissipation, and then affecting the service life of wires

wire casing does not distinguish

regret index: ★★ ☆

case: "when installing circuits at my friend's house, I see that workers use two kinds of pipes to thread wires, one is hard PVC pipe, the other is hose. It is said that the bearing wall and beam cannot be slotted, but hoses should be used. But when my house is decorated, PVC pipes are used."

truth: the wire sleeve mainly considers the insulation, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and unobstructed performance of the wire. At present, the most common, safe and feasible line pipe is PVC pipe, but for the positions of bearing walls and beams that cannot be slotted, PVC pipes cannot be used, and hoses should be used, so as not to affect the structure of bearing walls and beams

the faucet is not in the right position

regret index: ★ ☆ ☆

case: "the faucet in the kitchen, the water column at the outlet is only 10 cm away from the edge of the sink, and you have to bow to receive water when washing things, which is very twisted."

truth: it's really a trouble to bow or stretch your arms to receive washing things. In fact, the most suitable faucet outlet is right in the middle of the sink. To avoid the trouble of bending or stretching hands when using water in the future, the owner had better measure the width of the edge surface and the inner diameter of the sink after booking the sink or countertop, and then choose a faucet of appropriate length




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