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Happy wooden door has not a certain height for 12 years, and it will not be so low-key.

happy light luxury wooden door, which is deduced from the European and American entry lux style, is not as rich and publicized as the old style luxury house wooden door, without any deliberate and ostentatious form, only pure minimalism, full of craftsmanship and time traces of quality carving. Fang fo described a door making epic in 12 years of low-key, that kind of indisputable and focused enterprise mood, Only a real official can understand and regard him as a confidant

it took 12 years for the 42mm thick Kaixin wooden door to be natural.

Kaixin purchased from more than 30 base material origins across the country, trying to find wood with less physical stress, supplemented by Taiwan Dabao paint, which is famous for environmental protection, and carefully polished by hundreds of mechanical processes and artisans with more than 20 years of experience. Between the 42mm thick door bodies, Kaixin took 12 years of efforts to be so healthy

make the 45 dB mute possible. It took 12 years for Kaixin wooden door to meet the industry standard, and it has never been a happy criterion. In order to make every family member have quiet sleep, Kaixin starts from the source of the substrate to the seamless splicing and professional installation of the door body, and checks every link. It took 12 years of continuous breakthrough and improvement to make today's 45 dB mute wooden door possible

make the 35 ° concave convex so beautiful, happy wooden door has been used for 12 years.

the beauty of happy comes from the collision of global design inspiration and wisdom, and from the joint research and development of well-known original design institutions on both sides of the Strait, famous art college design Rookies, craft artists, and color consultants. Between the 35 ° concave convex carvings, happy has been used for 12 years, making your eyes fall in love with happy door when you first see it

be light and extravagant, go deep into your bones

be happy and try to keep a distance from secular interests

even in the era of gold and silver inlay, taste has nothing to do with money. Happy believes that pursuing the original design and the quality of materials is not only the temperament that will never go out of date, but also the eternal value rooted in your heart. When an enterprise builds doors with a light and extravagant attitude and uses other people's time to pursue flashiness to create taste and style, happiness keeps a distance from secular interests, as you can see

brand traceability of Kaixin wooden door

Kaixin wooden door is a brand of Chongqing Yuxin door industry Co., Ltd. since its establishment 12 years ago, it has 600 urban sales outlets in China, 140 mu production base, and a monthly production capacity of more than 60000 sets. Wooden door products cover three main series: Mendi, Tianyue and van fan, which are customized for three mainstream groups: high-end, quality and fashion. Among them, Mendi series selects superior oak logs, supplemented by traditional whole wood cutting, so as to retain the natural original texture to the greatest extent. This series of products adopts a stable three-layer structure, with wood blocked by internal fibers, so that the horizontal and vertical wood grains are staggered and spliced to eliminate physical stress. The thickness of the whole series of products is 42mm, which is heavier than ordinary wooden doors and reaches international standards. Tianyue series selects high-quality solid wood and all solid splicing to make the structure more stable and the flatness of the facade better. In terms of design, it adopts deep European groove shape, which has a stronger visual three-dimensional sense and more diverse styles. The 45mm thick door leaf that exceeds the international standard is selected, which has better sound insulation effect. The solid wood casing line used has been strictly treated by multiple processes, and the strength and hardness have been comprehensively improved. Van fan series is developed by a team of well-known original designers for young groups. It integrates multiple fashion elements, boldly applies in shape and color, and presents diversified styles. With a solid material as the cornerstone, the door body can be moved reliably, and the first-line paint products at home and abroad are used to make the color colorful and safer





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