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On March 3, the 2010 two sessions opened. The proposal for the establishment of the China Qian Xuesen science and technology innovation award was submitted by the proposal Committee of the CPPCC National Committee. First, the current situation: China is short of innovative and leading talents, and there are many problems in talent training:

innovative talents are the hope of China's development. General Secretary Hu Jintao emphasized in the report of the 17th CPC National Congress, China needs to cultivate and bring up world-class scientists and leading scientific and technological talents

Mr. Qian Xuesen also told Premier Wen Jiabao on July 30, 2005 that China has not fully developed. An important reason is that no university can run a school according to the mode of cultivating scientific and technological invention and creation talents. Without its own unique innovation, it is always unable to produce outstanding talents. This is a big problem. Innovative talents need the school running mode of independent spirit and free thought, and in the existing education and talent training mechanism, there are the following problems:

1. In learning motivation. Chinese students have no clear and correct learning motivation and motivation. The evaluation system and educational mechanism from parents and schools have formed such a wrong learning consciousness that students study for exams, work hard for vanity, and get recognition from parents, teachers, and society. Therefore, such learning motivation finally directly leads to the decline of Chinese students' hands-on and practical ability and the rigidity of thinking, Our students have the thoughts of the elderly

2. In the system of selecting talents, the main way for Chinese people to receive education is school, while examination oriented education still occupies a dominant position. The fundamental reason is that the mechanism of selecting talents established by Chinese education is still based on examination scores, and the reputation of schools depends on how many candidates can enter famous universities in the college entrance examination every year. Quality education advocates the practical application value of talents rather than the level of knowledge and knowledge. However, at present, quality education has nothingness and reality. Such an educational model turns the human brain into a computer. The clearest comparison is: in the International Olympic Games, Chinese students won the prize with 0.3~0.5 hands of good AC foaming agent, but in the face of international awards such as Nobel Prize, Chinese people and Chinese students are waiting to die, and so far there is no seat for Chinese local scientists

3. In terms of educational standards, educational administrative departments have created a set of educational standards and models that are convenient for their own management and benefit. This has enabled China to act in unison under the baton of the college entrance examination, and has achieved a large number of standardized, modular, non creative students without a correct outlook on life and values. School education ignores the personality of students. Every child has his own strengths and personality. Only by paying attention to the personality of each child can we correctly cultivate children, and embody the value of individual education in education in line with group values

4. In terms of teaching methods, under the ideology of social only academic qualifications and parents only reading, education generally attaches importance to theoretical learning, resulting in rigid classroom teaching, lack of practice, operation and debate, and lack of mutual listening between teachers and students. Of course, there is no ideological collision and innovation. Rigid classroom education can only cultivate highly educated talents with fixed ideas

5. In the social talent evaluation system, the evaluation of talents is not objective, and the theory of only academic qualifications is rampant, including the employment of civil servants, all take academic qualifications as the threshold, and do not pay attention to practical ability, especially for those eccentric talents, the space for continuous learning and development is stifled, and the talent evaluation system seriously deviates from the direction of innovation. Researchers are eager for quick success and instant benefits, and few people pay attention to the basic and theoretical scientific research work that needs to be engaged in for a long time. The training of basic science talents also shows a declining trend

II. It is suggested to create Qian Xuesen science and Technology Innovation Award

(I) the purpose of establishing Qian Xuesen science and Technology Innovation Award

in the current era of short-sighted pragmatism education, the talent training problem Qian Xuesen is thinking about is a long-term strategic problem. With the help of the worries of the century raised by scientific masters like Qian, it is suggested to establish Qian Xuesen science and technology innovation award to encourage innovative scientific and technological personnel with innovative ideas and scientific research talents engaged in basic discipline research and basic theory

(II) significance of establishing Qian Xuesen science and Technology Innovation Award

1 Erect a stele and pass it on. Qian Lao doesn't like utilitarianism. According to the response of current application customers, he is solid in learning, research and talent training. The so-called monument tree biography, we don't want to do something formal. We hope that through the talent training that Qian Lao is most concerned about and worried about, we can more effectively improve the soft power of education and improve the possibility of leading talent training

2. Build a good educational atmosphere. It advocates an educational atmosphere, guides school education to move towards non utilitarianism, plays a benchmarking role in the transformation of educational concepts, the differentiation of educational values, and the transformation of educational methods, and has created a group of innovative educational talents with imagination, creativity, and exploration spirit in China's educational circles, which has also established a fresh educational atmosphere for the national educational circles

3. It provides a platform for China's innovative scientific and technological personnel, basic discipline research and theoretical scientific research posts to provide funding, exchange and promotion, and focuses on the talent reserve of scientific and technological development, which is conducive to the long-term effect of national sustainable development

4. By setting up innovation awards, we will guide scientific and technological personnel to base themselves on the foundation, be brave in innovation, be willing to be lonely, not eager for quick success and instant benefits, and do a good job in learning steadfastly

(III) Qian Xuesen science and Technology Innovation Award establishment project:

in view of the problems existing in the cultivation and evaluation of innovative talents in China, the following awards are proposed to be established:

(1) Educational Innovation Award: it focuses on rewarding innovative education talents with imagination, creativity and exploration spirit in China's educational circles, aiming to break the existing examination oriented education based training system and stimulate a group of innovative ideas An educator who takes cultivating innovative talents as his own responsibility

(2) set up innovation awards for basic disciplines such as mathematics and Physics: focus on Rewarding outstanding talents in basic disciplines, especially theoretical disciplines, and encourage them not to be lured by materials, to study and research at ease, in order to achieve a breakthrough in basic theories

(3) set up innovation outstanding talent Achievement Award: for all personnel who have made outstanding innovation achievements, there is no limit to academic qualifications and only to achievements. Unlike the National Natural Science Award and scientific and technological progress award, this award directly rewards talents who have made outstanding contributions to scientific and technological innovation (such as Qian Xuesen, Yuan Longping, etc.), rather than rewarding individuals according to specific scientific and technological projects, so, With these two national awards, the hydraulic universal experimental machine series reflect each other, forming a relatively complete incentive system for scientific and technological innovation, so as to encourage and create outstanding scientific and technological talents

(4) set up a special award for invention: for major inventions, special awards will be given to inventors to encourage national enthusiasm for innovation

(IV) operation of Qian Xuesen science and Technology Innovation Award

1 Led by the government and supported by funds. The government should raise funds, encourage enterprises, the media and other sectors to participate, expand their influence and implement funds

2. Actively publicize, carry forward the spirit of innovation, and take the Qian Xuesen innovation award as the engine for the country to encourage innovation, so as to cultivate and bring up world-class scientists and leading scientific and technological talents

3. Establish a perfect organization, form a reasonable and effective network and review management mechanism, and establish a review organization. In view of the special and disciplinary characteristics of this award, the government takes the lead in establishing an expert team, an evaluation team, and an evaluation mechanism to ensure the effectiveness of the project review and final evaluation

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