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The environmental protection Chuangfu road of the richest Australian carton king family comes out of the garbage pile. Therefore, although the once richest man in Australia is 58 years old, he still wears a suit and tie and goes to the office every day

he is Anthony Pratt, the CEO of the packaging and paper giant, who is in charge of the heating and cooling process. According to the 2019 world rich list, Anthony is currently worth $7.3 billion, ranking sixth on the Australian rich list

his family created Visy industries, the world's largest private packaging and paper company

the story starts with his grandfather Lyon Pratt

the story of Anthony, Australia's richest man, starts with his refugee grandfather Lyon Pratt

In 1939, World War II broke out, and Jews became the biggest victims at that time. Countless Jews were displaced and even died in other places. Leon Pratt, who had already suffered from the war, immigrated to Australia from Gdansk, Poland with his son Richard Pratt and his relatives in 1938, and lived in the refugee camp for a long time

the family finally settled in Shepparton, a fruit growing Township in Melbourne, in 1945 by saving money for many years

in 1948, unwilling to be ordinary, Lyon borrowed 1000 pounds from his sister-in-law IDA visford, and then opened a garbage recycling plant with IDA's husband Max plotka and an engineer Les Feldman, officially starting their garbage recycling business

the business of "picking up garbage" has fed their family! Later, their company also became the first company in Australia to use spare parts and recyclable scrap metal to make wavy watch

in 1969, the company's business was gradually on the right track, with an annual turnover of 5million Australian dollars and more than 200 employees! However, the sad news came that Lyon died. His son Richard was ordered to take over the whole company in the face of danger

after taking over the company's business, Richard took the company to a new level and expanded the enterprise. By the end of 1970, the company had manufactured more than 10000 tons of cartons. Later, he transformed the company into a 100% recycled paper factory and opened a factory in Warwick farm in Sydney

visy's philosophy has also changed. In 1990, Visy became a large company with a market share of more than 40% in Australia, employing more than 2000 people in Australia alone

he is a rich second generation, but he is also a "waste paper collector"

some people call him "junk king", others call him "paper tiger", but in fact, he is a waste paper collector

under the leadership of Anthony Pratt, the second generation of rich people, Pratt industrial group shines brightly. He himself was worth US $12.6 billion and hundreds of dollars. Harry triguboff, the boss of Meriton group, became the richest man in Australia for the first time in the history of his family

in the 1990s, the US economy moved from recession to recovery

In 1991, Anthony Pratt, a 30-year-old little fresh meat, was sent from Australia to a consumptive paper mill in Macon, Asia. Here, he saw the great potential of the American market

at that time, all paper makers in the United States were using trees to make paper. He reflected on why the United States did not use recycled paper to make cartons, as Visy did in Australia? Therefore, he closed Macon's paper mill and began to focus on the products of abandoned competitors

competitors must build paper mills near the wood producing areas, and then they will transport paper products to factories near the city and make packaging boxes there. Unlike its competitors, Antony sets up its factory in the most economical place for Logistics: near the city, where there is the most waste and excellent fatigue resistance - and also close to users, so the transportation cost is greatly reduced

at the same time, due to the use of the latest technology and the simplification of recycling process, his cost was only a quarter of that of his competitors, and then he founded Pratt industries USA. He described: "we use our own 'space rockets' to compete with the' Spitfire fighter 'they are still using."

through acquisition and investment strategies, the company's performance has increased year by year! At present, Visy has more than 100 packaging and recycling plants in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. At the same time, Anthony is also gradually recycling PET bottles, cans, aluminum products and plastic products

In 2009, Anthony's father Richard Pratt died. After the death of his father, Anthony officially took over the family and served as the executive chairman of Visy and Pratt at the same time

he showed extraordinary leadership ability as soon as he took office. Under his leadership, the family wealth has almost doubled in just five years, and Visy has grown into the third largest corrugated cardboard company in the United States

before long, Anthony extended his tentacles to Singapore and San Francisco. He also identified China as a gold mine, set up warehouse distribution centers in Beijing and Shanghai, and set up a trading company in Shenzhen to import Visy's environmentally friendly paper into the Chinese market

at present, Pratt industrie, Anthony's personal enterprise in the United States, has an annual turnover of about $2billion every time, and is still growing at a rate of 20% every year. Visy's sales volume and turnover are 15 times that of the original, and it is also the Australian billion company that employs the most American citizens

Anthony once won the throne of Australia's richest man

charity and environmental protection

although it once became Australia's richest man, it has become an idol among thousands of Australians. Do you think it's a luxurious life for rich people to wait for the system to reset automatically after 10 seconds? Not at all! Anthony is very concerned about environmental protection and is also keen on charity

since 2007, Anthony has responded to the global initiative of former U.S. President Bill Clinton and invested $100million in renewable production and clean energy to reduce the serious environmental pollution caused by landfill at one time

in 2017, he promised to donate 1billion Australian dollars to charities for the rest of his life, which set a new record for the highest donation in Australian history, more than twice the previous record

his enthusiasm for public welfare stems from his father Richard. Richard Pratt and his wife Jenny Pratt have founded the Pratt foundation since 1978. Since its inception, it has donated more than 200million US dollars to social organizations in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Israel

in his later years, Richard also founded Visy cares public welfare organization to undertake the social responsibility of Visy company. Anthony also inherited his father's career and followed his father's charity

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