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A new favorite in the commercial field of two-color printing

since 2 if you can't shift into gear, you can start the synchronous electromechanical first. After Epson's black-and-white inkjet k100 printer came into market in 2011, black-and-white inkjet quickly occupied the commercial market with its advantages of low cost and strong practicality, and received high praise from the market. On March 6, 2012, Canon (China) Co., Ltd. released a new generation of entry-level black-and-white inkjet printer, the colorful pixmaip1188. The unique single black ink cartridge printing function and the user-friendly purchase price once again attracted the attention of many business people

black and white printing was originally only the patent of laser printing, but the continuous listing of black and white inkjet printers has brought heavy losses to laser printers with lower costs and the concept of health and environmental protection. Conform to the needs of the market "other requirements have always been the principle of commodity economy. On April 17, 2012, aitas Technology (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as aitas) The sr2010/n series of red and black two-color printers launched to the market have become the focus of attention of many multimedia, and have been highly appreciated by technical experts in the industry. Sr2010/n series printer is unique. It has independent intellectual property rights in China. The interface technology can be opened to customers. The output color is only red and black. Red is the golden red for red head documents of government documents

I believe many people will not be unfamiliar with the red headed document, which is the common name of the people for the documents with big red lettered titles and red seals issued by government organs at all levels (mostly at the central level). In many government agencies and institutions, there may be little or no demand for color printing. If the printing demand must be related to color, it is what we call red headed documents

the red headed document has strict requirements on the production and typesetting, from the font size, font type, to the page margin, line spacing and the number of words in each line. It represents the majesty and solemnity of the superior leading organization. The title of King Kong Red with black text is the representative of red headed documents. From the perspective of printing, the single black printer obviously cannot meet the requirements of such documents. In terms of the major premise of saving government expenditure, color printers are also considered overqualified

the concept of red and black two-color printer was first proposed by laser printer and put into the market. Coupled with the crown of China's independent intellectual property rights, the advantages of entering government agencies and large institutions are highlighted. Even so, once the red and black printing concept is put forward, it is believed that the introduction of two-color printing is just around the corner. On the premise of almost no technical barriers, coupled with the concept of low cost, health and environmental protection, it is believed that it can compete with two-color laser printers

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