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In 2011, two major pressures made coating enterprises worse.

in February 2011, the state issued the central bank's interest rate hike policy, which brought great trouble to the real estate industry, followed by the national macro-control policy. The fluctuation of coating market price has been noisy since last year. In this case, the pressure of logistics cost is undoubtedly worse. Logistics costs are under great pressure

in the past two years, the prices of domestic paints and coatings have shown a rising trend, and the main reason for the rise in prices is the rise in crude oil prices. It is understood that the raw materials of paint and coating products are all from crude oil products, which are greatly affected by the fluctuation of international crude oil prices. The rise in oil prices forced the price of coating raw materials to rise immediately, which dealt a great blow to the struggling coating enterprises

of course, the reasons for the rise in the price of paint raw materials are also different. It is understood that the rise in the price of coating raw materials is mainly due to the following two factors: first, due to the rise in the price of raw materials, the cost increases, resulting in insufficient profits; Second, the recent pick-up in the demand of the paint market has led to a significant increase in the market demand for some paint raw materials, resulting in the price increase at the historic moment. It is understood that world giant 5: the type of experimental project that can be done, DuPont titanium dioxide raised the price of its titanium dioxide products five times in 2010, and has also raised the price twice since 2011, in January and April respectively

in addition, Huntsman, KONOS, costar and other coating raw material enterprises also raised prices accordingly in 2011. It can be seen that in order to maintain the competitiveness and sustained growth momentum of the company, the "price increase" seems to have become the inevitable path for many raw material enterprises. Behind the heavy pressure, the coating industry silently paid for the price rise of raw materials and products. In the fourth quarter of 2010 and the first quarter of 2011, some coating enterprises also chose to raise prices as a means of enterprise transformation and upgrading. They can no longer wait and see as a means of pressure relief

in addition to dealing with the pressure of raw material price increases, coating enterprises are also overwhelmed by the pressure of logistics costs. It is reported that since April 7, 2011, gasoline and diesel prices have increased by 500 yuan and 400 yuan per ton respectively, and No. 93 gasoline has increased by about 0.39 yuan per liter. With another round of rising oil prices of finished products, it undoubtedly brings great pressure to the increasingly competitive coating industry, because it means that the transportation costs of coating enterprises will rise again. The foam granule machine products produced by many domestic coating enterprises need to be transported to dealers all over the country by land transportation. The increase of logistics costs will increase the costs of coating enterprises and coating dealers, or finally pass this part of the price to consumers. Under the double squeeze of raw materials and transportation capacity, the profit space of coating enterprises will also be further squeezed

at present, with the continuous rise of oil price, the logistics pressure of coating enterprises is also increasing. Because logistics plays an important role in the cost of coating enterprises in China, the rise of oil price makes coating enterprises have to face huge logistics cost pressure. Zhang Shi believes that in the face of huge logistics pressure, coating enterprises should combine their own advantages and try to reduce logistics costs

first of all, integrate logistics resources and self adjust costs in transportation. The rise of oil price directly brings about the rise of logistics costs and operating costs of coating enterprises. If it cannot be digested internally, the increased cost pressure of this part will directly translate into the increase of coating prices, which will have an adverse impact on the market sales of coating products

secondly, develop high-end products to reduce the proportion of logistics costs. Developing high-end products and increasing the added value of products are the best way to internally digest the operating costs and production costs of enterprises. At the same time, it is also the way for enterprises to innovate independently and enhance their market competitiveness

third, enterprises with development potential can consider the areas where the paint market is concentrated to rebuild factories, serve the local and save transportation costs. This method is more effective for the regional operation of small paint enterprises. Generally, there are ball screws. If a large well-known paint enterprise is facing a national and even global market, this method is not desirable. For coating enterprises, reducing the scope of business areas is a way to reduce enterprise risks, but it is also a constraint to suppress enterprise development. It is believed that developing high-end products, optimizing the industrial chain of enterprise operation, reducing the proportion of logistics costs and improving the added value of products are the best ways for coating enterprises to cope with market development

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