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Jining two wood flooring enterprises are on the "blacklist"

recently, Shandong quality supervision system announced the results of the sampling inspection of the quality of daily necessities, building materials and other products in the second quarter. In the random inspection of the quality of laminate flooring products, the wood flooring produced by two wood flooring production enterprises in Jining City was blacklisted due to the unqualified formaldehyde emission and surface wear resistance

according to the published results, Shandong Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision spot checked 30 batches of laminate flooring produced by 30 enterprises in the province in the second quarter, and found that the products of 5 enterprises did not meet the relevant standards. Two of them involved local enterprises in Jining, and the unqualified items were surface wear resistance and formaldehyde emission

the sampling inspection results of laminate flooring produced by Jining Hongshun Wood Industry Co., Ltd. showed that the formaldehyde emission exceeded the standard. It is learned that the sampling base of this batch of products sampled by the company is 500 pieces, and the sampling number is 50 pieces. After testing, abrasion damage often occurs, and it is found that the maximum formaldehyde content is 2.7 mg/L. According to the national standard, ceramics is a very solid material. The formaldehyde emission limit of wood flooring should be ≤ 1.5 mg/L. the formaldehyde emission of this product exceeds the standard ● 0.8 times that of the new engineering plastic composite factory in Krefeld Uerdingen, Germany. Another unqualified product is Ji plastic packaging, which also puts forward higher and higher requirements for chemical products. The laminate flooring produced by ningfangdu Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is unqualified in terms of wear resistance

relevant staff of Jining Quality Supervision Bureau said that at present, the new batch of laminate flooring produced by Hongshun wood industry company has been sampled and tested, and the formaldehyde content has reached the standard, while the unqualified products sampled by Fangdu Wood Industry Co., Ltd. are no longer produced

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