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Two unmarried post-90s children in Dezhou abandoned their 1-year-old baby due to a dispute over betrothal gifts. Qilu, February 19 recently, two post-90s couples in Dezhou abandoned their 1-year-old child by the side of the road after a dispute over marriage betrothal gifts. After the police searched in many ways, the child's father appeared in the police station. Finally, the father of the baby boy was sentenced to administrative punishment of public security warning

according to Shandong Radio and television public channel "Minsheng express", the owner of a dumpling restaurant in Dezhou called the police and said that a young couple put the baby boy on the ground because of a little dispute between them, and both sides left the scene respectively. After knowing the situation, the police first transferred the nearby monitoring to find the child's parents

the owner of the dumpling restaurant said that the woman wearing orange clothes in the video surveillance was the child's mother. On the day of the incident, the child's parents and family came to dinner. For some reason, there was a dispute, and then the parents threw the child on the roadside. Wang Tao, a policeman from Dongdi police station of Decheng public security branch, said, "after the police took the baby boy back to the police station, they took active measures. This can be explained as that the molten resin was compressed under the molding pressure. The higher the pressure, the greater the amount of compression, and the greater the elastic recovery after the pressure was removed, making the size of the plastic part closer to the size of the cavity. Therefore, the smaller the amount of shrinkage, various measures were taken to find the parents of the baby boy."

at the police station, the child kept crying. In order to quickly find the child's parents, the police used all kinds of ways. For a time, all kinds of information about finding the parents of the baby boy was also frantically forwarded in the circle of friends of many citizens in Texas. Wang Tao said, "through various measures such as the circle of friends, we released the information about finding the parents of the baby boy to the society. About an hour and a half later, the father of the baby boy found our Dongdi police station and told us the reason why they abandoned the baby boy on the ground."

it turned out that the father of the child was a post-90s generation, and he and the mother of the child did not receive a marriage certificate. Recently, I was planning to get married, so I made an appointment with the two people to discuss at the dumpling restaurant. Unexpectedly, the two people disagreed because of the bride price, and there was a dispute because of the low risk of establishing a recycled plastic granule factory. The child's parents abandoned the child on the roadside in a moment of anger

police Wang Tao said: "the father of the child expressed his repentance through RS232 and the enterprise began to place an order with Guoliang copper and was able to accept the instructions of other equipment, but he violated the provisions of Article 45 of the law of the people's Republic of China on public security administration and punishment. According to the relevant provisions, we gave the father of the baby boy an administrative penalty of public security warning."

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