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After two months of research, the 2011 salary survey report of the chemical industry was released.

the 2011 salary survey report of the chemical industry was released:

70% of the respondents had a monthly salary of less than 5000, and 51% chose to change their current situation by changing jobs.

the 12th Five year plan clearly pointed out that in the next five years, efforts should be made to achieve the synchronization between the growth of residents' income and economic development, the growth of labor remuneration and the improvement of labor productivity, Turn around, that is, turn to the widening trend of income gap after each power on. This will be closely related to the life of everyone in the electronic universal series. As a professional in the workplace, what is your current salary? What salary expectations do you have? What is your target city for future employment

in November 2010, the most authoritative and professional talent recruitment station for sub industry professionals in China, the chemical talents under the talent Union, together with many partners such as China polymer, Huicong chemical, chemical information, chemical machinery, China chemical machinery, launched the 2010 white paper survey on compensation in the chemical industry. The respondents of this survey are mainly chemical talents and professionals, covering employees in the fields of chemical industry, petroleum, new energy and so on. It took two months, and a total of 11460 questionnaires were collected, of which 9410 were valid. The survey shows that 51% of the participants choose to change their salary status by changing jobs. The longer they work, the stronger their intention to change jobs

more than 70% of the respondents are professionals with many years of work experience

the survey questionnaire is distributed in a targeted manner, mainly to professionals in the chemical industry who have worked for more than 3 years (including 3 years), and other industry personnel who are interested in the survey. From the statistical results, 80% of the participants meet the scope of the survey objectives, of which 39% have worked for more than 9 years

talents in the industry are more popular as they get older.

through the comparison of working years and salary, it is found that there is a positive correlation between working years and salary. With the increase of working years, salary also increases. The salary of newcomers to the industry is mainly in the range of less than 3000 yuan. The salary of practitioners with industry experience and accumulated more than 4 years is mainly in the range of more than 5000 yuan, while the salary of professionals with more than 6 years of industry experience is concentrated in the range of more than 8000 yuan

academic qualifications significantly affect the starting salary.

in this survey, 59% of the respondents have bachelor's degree or above, and 41% have junior college degree or below. The number and quality of talents are directly related to the talent accumulation of chemical talents over the years to form a strong and stable professional talent group. Through data segmentation, it is found that education has a significant impact on Salary starting. In the lowest salary level, more than 70% of practitioners have junior college education background, and 20% have bachelor's degree. The starting salary of undergraduate education background is mostly about 3000 yuan, the starting salary of graduate education background is 4000-5000 yuan, and the starting salary of doctoral students is 6000-8000 yuan

the higher the educational background, the higher the expected increase

according to the survey, the vast majority of practitioners hope to significantly improve their salary level. The proportion with an expected increase of more than 30% is the highest, reaching 35%, followed by the proportion with an increase of 20%, accounting for 29%. From the data breakdown, it can be seen that the overall trend is that the requirements of practitioners with undergraduate background are higher than those of junior college background, and the requirements of graduate education are higher than those of undergraduate background. The higher the education, the more daring they are to raise their expectations. Because the base salary of highly educated background is relatively high, they still consider that the heat dissipation material industry and even all led industries have been in a critical period, which is also a rational choice

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