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At the beginning of the new year, Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau sent another good news in toy inspection and scientific research. At the scientific research project appraisal meeting held on January 20, all five scientific research projects hosted by the toy inspection technology center of Shenzhen Bureau were approved, and its international exhibition showed the development trends of educational technology at home and abroad, and the research results of two projects reached the international advanced level, Other projects have reached the domestic leading or advanced level

"Application of chemical ionization mass spectrometry in chemical analysis" has established a method for the determination of six phthalate plasticizers by chemical ionization mass spectrometry, which solves the problem of false positive qualitative analysis of DINP and DIDP by EI source. The method has high sensitivity, accuracy and reliability, and can meet the inspection requirements of six phthalate plasticizers in toys, reaching the international advanced level. "Research on the analysis and calculation software of measurement uncertainty" has successfully solved the programming problems of expression recognition, derivation and covariance, and realized the organic combination of measurement uncertainty theory and calculation process. It has the characteristics of advanced technology, safety, reliability, strong versatility, easy to use, friendly interface and low cost, It solves the problems of complex calculation and easy error of results encountered by flexible packaging manufacturers when calculating the measurement uncertainty in the testing or calibration laboratory, which is helpful to improve the quality control level of the laboratory, has high promotion and application value, and is at the international advanced level

in addition, the three projects, "Research on the detection methods of six volatile toxic and harmful substances in light textile enterprises", "Research on the application of rigid phase microextraction technology in the detection of light textile products" and "Research on the detection methods of trace lead in trace materials in toys" are accurate, reliable, innovative and practical. The review experts agreed that they have the domestic leading or advanced level, There is also a problem of machining tolerance and economic benefits

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