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Plastic bag King Zhou Rui's "environmental protection classic"

a plastic bag King's environmental protection classic Zhou Rui is introducing environmental protection plastic bags sold to Japan. We have just carried out a destructive test. The medium-sized bag can bear 20 kilograms, and there is no problem reusing it for 10 times. (taken on November 14th, 2008). The difference between environmental protection plastic bags and ordinary plastic bags lies in whether biodegradable masterbatches are added in the production process, which will inevitably increase the cost. Usually, enterprises are trying to reduce the cost, but a plastic bag king in Qingdao ignored these, insisted on producing environmental protection plastic bags, and relied on this environmental protection economy to expand and strengthen his own enterprise. He is Zhou Rui, 43, who opened a plastic bag factory in 1989. At that time, there was only him, his wife and a worker in the factory. After experiencing the hardships of entrepreneurs, the enterprise barely survived

in 2001, Zhou Rui came into contact with the new thing of degradable and environmentally friendly plastic bags at an order meeting of plastic products with corrosion-resistant and light weight. Smart he immediately realized the huge business opportunities inside, and began to try production. In order to compete with the ultra-thin plastic bags that were popular in the market at that time, he took pains to visit all large and medium-sized supermarkets in Qingdao one by one, tirelessly promoting the concept of environmental protection and maximizing profit margins

in June 2008, the state officially implemented the plastic order to limit the annual capacity utilization rate to more than 75%. When many plastic bag manufacturers were busy changing production, Zhou Rui's enterprises had completed the occupation of the environmental protection plastic bag Market in the island city. At present, Zhou Rui's enterprise has three branches, with an annual output value of more than 30million yuan. Its products are not only sold to some provinces and cities in China, but also exported to Japan and South Korea

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