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Xiamen and Qingdao are two coastal cities located in the north and the south, living together in China's marine economic belt. The warm and humid marine climate makes them famous tourist attractions, and the tertiary industry economy is particularly developed

maybe it's the reason for the scenic spots. The industrial economy of these two cities focuses on the living class. The most typical is that the tire production industry in these two cities is developed. Xiamen Zhengxin Haiyan Tire Co., Ltd; Qingdao Huanghai Rubber Co., Ltd. The Zhengxin Yinghua brand tires and Huanghai brand tires produced by these two enterprises are galloping in the north and south of the motherland. Not long ago, the tires of these two brands entered Xiaoshan, and Hangzhou Xiaoshan Minghui Auto Parts Co., Ltd. became their "spokesperson"

Shenjianming, general manager of Hangzhou Xiaoshan Minghui Auto Parts Co., Ltd., said that our company is located in Hangzhou Yuanye auto parts hardware market and No. 202, Xiaoshao East Road. Since its establishment in 2003, the company has been committed to the sales of auto tires, accessories, batteries, lubricants, etc. at present, the company has set up a number of branches in various regions and cooperated with a number of dealers in various regions. Its business has spread all over the province and outside the province, with annual sales of nearly 100 million

Qingdao Huanghai Rubber Co., Ltd., founded in 1933, is one of the "kindlings" of China's rubber industry. At present, it has a national technology center, a post doctoral mobile workstation and a national key laboratory. In China, pirico was the first to introduce the whole set of manufacturing technology and equipment of all steel radial truck tires from the low-speed loading company of Italy, and the whole set of manufacturing technology and equipment of light truck and car radial tires from Michelin company of France. It has won the national quality management award and Gold Award, and also won the title of "Chinese famous brand"

Xiamen Zhengxin Haiyan Tire Co., Ltd. is a foreign-funded joint venture established in December 2001. Although it is young, its Zhengxin Cherry Blossom tire has inherited the mantle of the famous brand Zhengxin tire, and the sales situation is growing day by day

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