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Two people hold up the quot; Citywide point quote; The call center

official station was built in one hour, the 2017 polyurethane material automobile utilization conference jointly hosted by China Polyurethane Industry Association and Chongqing Changshou Economic Development Zone Management Committee was held in Chongqing 24 hours a day, 400 call centers were held in Chongqing, and maintenance points were spread all over the city... Nowadays, home appliance maintenance companies of such "scale" are everywhere in the world. What is the actual situation? Last night, Zhang Wei (a pseudonym), who has been engaged in home appliance maintenance for a long time, restored the home appliance maintenance industry under this "bright coat"

the couple held up 15 points

Zhang Wei claimed to have been engaged in the home appliance maintenance industry for more than ten years. At the beginning of this year, he applied for a "home appliance maintenance", but in only one month, he saw all kinds of chaos in this industry, and finally resigned under extremely high point contact pressure

Zhang Wei said that a few years ago, the boss behind the "home appliance maintenance" just hired people to go to the streets and distribute leaflets in the community, and spent money on designing stations in the past two years. It can be seen that almost all kinds of household appliances and brands of environmental experimental equipment are listed on the station. The stress level applied to the tested products (such as thermal stress, vibration stress, electrical stress, etc.) is consistent with the requirements of the same experimental specification, and the so-called "head office" has 15 service points in the city

what is the actual situation? Zhang Wei said that there were only two people behind the scenes, the boss and the boss's wife, and the "head office" lived in a private house on Caobao road. "People are temporary, and the maintenance cost should be divided finally. How can we make money without cheating?"

free door-to-door fee to avoid risks

2 people hold up "a head office, are you not afraid of revealing the truth? Type the word" home appliance maintenance "on the, and click to open another home appliance maintenance station at will, and the other party promises" free door-to-door fee, free pick-up and delivery of overhaul items ". "Only by not charging door-to-door fees, customers will not come to trouble." Zhang Wei said

last night, I tried to contact a company and said that I wanted to send a laptop for repair. At first, the other party was very enthusiastic, "where are you? Send someone to visit within 1 hour, free of door-to-door fee." Pretending that it was inconvenient to come to the door at night, whether it could be sent to the nearest point by itself, the other party became hesitant, "our point is not open for rest on national day." It is this kind of prevarication that enables the "small workshop" to support the "big scene"

get the call center on the website

in addition, it is noted that almost all of these "home appliance maintenance" have 400 call centers, which receive 24-hour, 24-hour repair requests. This is precisely a "preference" for 400, which is considered to be synonymous with the huge customer call center. In fact, it is not

find a seller who can handle 400 through Taobao. The other party said that the 400 is not complicated, as long as the business license and a copy of the ID card of the person handling the zombie project can be provided; There is no need to meet and review materials in the process of handling. Everything can be done in one hour at the fastest. Through the software provided by the other party, the incoming call can be directly transferred to fixed or, which can be easily realized all day. Xinmin Evening News

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