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The environmental protection concept of American housing decoration

the environmental protection concept of American housing decoration

July 21, 2003

in recent years, with the domestic decoration market making the clamping process more smooth, people have more and more discussions and complaints about indoor air pollution. The United States is a country that attaches great importance to environmental protection. Building decoration is people-oriented and indoor pollution is minimized. Some of these practices are worth learning and thinking about

the decoration team has a clear division of labor

Americans' houses are mostly bungalows or multi-storey buildings with single doors and single courtyards. Tower Apartments, which are common in big cities in China, are rare in the United States. Generally speaking, after purchasing the land use right of the community, real estate developers should invite tenders for builders and greening companies. Before the houses are delivered for use, the interior decoration has been completed, and some even have stoves

it is understood that real estate developers generally decorate houses according to unified standards, including the selection of materials such as paint, ceramic tiles and five gold

the decoration industry in the United States has a clear division of labor and strong professionalism, including tile laying and paint spraying, and cannot

cross industry construction. For example, some small construction teams in China are responsible for the interior decoration of the family, from the wall, ceiling to the ground, and even the furniture, which is not seen in the United States. It is precisely because "there is specialization in the technology industry" that the decoration quality can be fundamentally guaranteed. I saw in some American friends' homes that some houses have lived for more than 20 years, and the original decoration of

is still playing a role

it is understood that any decoration company in the United States must have a certificate and be registered. There are few fraudulent practices, and workers must also have qualification certificates. The common decoration "guerrillas" in the domestic streets absolutely do not survive in the United States

building materials can be returned at any time

the United States attaches great importance to product quality, especially for building materials related to human health, such as paint, paint remover, coating

materials, solvents, etc. According to the regulations, all decoration materials must pass the quality

quantity test of the environmental protection and professional departments. You can also query the previous experimental process and results, and mark the name, characteristics and safety precautions on the product manual. Otherwise, it will be regarded as violating the

law. Take paint as an example, the United States expressly prohibits the use of lead paint, and severely punishes units and individuals who sell and use lead paint. In June this year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency imposed a fine of more than $100000 on a real estate developer in Massachusetts who used lead paint to decorate an apartment. More importantly, if consumers have health problems due to the use of a certain product, manufacturers, stores and decoration companies may be sued in court, and serious damages will be paid. Chen Ke, President of Houston Pacific building materials company, said in an interview that the perfect return system in the United States has played a good role in supervising the quality of construction materials products. If consumers find that the products are contaminated during use, or don't like them at all, even if only half of the goods have been used, consumers can still ask the store to return them within the specified time, and the store's attention to sensory elements such as smell, touch, hearing and vision cannot be said "no", and the loss is shared by the store and the manufacturer

always beware of radon pollution

organic volatiles in decoration materials and furniture will cause great harm to human body, among which the radioactive harm of inert gas radon is known as "invisible killer", which is the second most common lung cancer factor after smoking. Research shows that the number of lung cancer deaths caused by radon in the United States is 7000 to 30000 every year. Because radon is easy to deposit on the bottom floor of buildings, its harmfulness is great, and it is colorless, tasteless and difficult to find, the problem of radon pollution has been paid more and more attention by the U.S. Environmental Protection Department. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

suggests that dwellings below 3 floors should be regularly tested for radon content, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Department has opened stations and free consultations on radon knowledge, and some states also provide residents with free testing tools. When purchasing new or old houses, residents can conduct radon testing by themselves or require sellers. If you have any questions, you can consult the local environmental protection department. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency also recently requested that no one be allowed to live in the basement of residential buildings in northern areas where radon is easily concentrated. It can be seen that Americans attach great importance to the prevention and control of indoor pollution

attach importance to environmental protection and be simple

there are many rich people in the United States, but their housing decoration is quite simple. Even in the villas of some rich people, they rarely see magnificent scenes. Their walls are mostly brick walls or painted firewalls, and the ground is ordinary floor bricks or fire-proof carpets. In addition, many high-end hotels or restaurants also have brick walls. The pursuit of environmental protection and "green" has become a fashion. In addition, while simplifying the decoration, Americans pay more attention to decoration, such as the matching of room colors, the proper decoration of cloth ornaments, and so on. Americans also like to do things by themselves, such as changing the color of the wall, and they are even more happy with it. Therefore, every weekend, they use it in some large warehouse building materials stores to pass through the core wire; A grading ring is installed in the front of the machine head, which can often be seen that the American family is choosing tools and decorative materials they are satisfied with

the United States rarely requires pollution testing of decorated houses and newly purchased furniture, and such disputes and complaints are quite rare. In case of decoration pollution, residents can directly complain to the environmental protection department or the community management department, and the odds of victory are mostly in the hands of residents. (source: Global Times Zhong Xiang)

the current business systems and environmental protection and health concepts in the United States are formed by the country's economy, culture and other comprehensive factors

elements. I'm afraid there is a long way to go before we can successfully learn from their successful experience and use it for ourselves

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