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Two men were prosecuted for stealing cables to cause power failure in the hospital and suspected of damaging power equipment. Original title: two men were prosecuted for stealing cables to cause power failure in the hospital and suspected of damaging power equipment. Nanning, August 22, lesser evil22 (correspondent Ning Jie) the two men met by chance and had misconceptions and stole cables from the construction site of the hospital. During this period, the cables caught fire, resulting in long-term power failure in some consulting rooms and living areas of the hospital, Affected the normal work of the hospital. Recently, Jiang, Nanning City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, carried out micro injection processing of new biomedical polymer matrix nanocomposites. The Southern District procuratorate prosecuted Liu and Qin on suspicion of damaging power equipment

at about 9:00 on September 11, 2018, the defendants Liu and Qin premeditated to steal the cables in the construction site at the side door of Nanning Second People's Hospital (hereinafter referred to as the second hospital). Then, the two took the crime tools to the cable trough, with the assistance of Qin, Liu used an angle grinder to cut the cables. During the cutting process, the cables caught fire, and the two immediately fled the scene

when passing the construction site, master Liang, an electrician from the second hospital, saw smoke behind the fence of the construction site, found that a high-voltage cable was emitting sparks, the surrounding of the cable had been charred, and the cable had been pried open. He immediately returned to the hospital to report the situation. At this time, there was a power outage in some consulting rooms and living areas of the second hospital. After emergency coordination, the power supply bureau transferred a mobile power vehicle at about 11:00 on the same day to provide power for the outpatient building and the reproductive center with reverse phase change from liquid to solid. The hospital did not resume normal power supply until 16:00 p.m. The power outage had a great impact on the hospital. Due to the shutdown and the vigorous implementation of environmental protection bag electricity since 2017, many patients who came to see the doctor left, and those waiting on the scene were also very anxious. Nearly 1100 outpatients lost patients, and it cost about 17000 yuan to repair cables and mobilize mobile power vehicles. On the same day, the police arrested Liu and Qin in the dormitory of the second hospital

two suspect stole the cable in use, causing cable damage and wire short circuit, endangering public safety. Their behavior has constituted the crime of destroying power equipment. After arriving at the case, the suspect Qin pleaded that he had no intention of stealing the cable, but he still provided the crime tools for Liu knowing that he wanted to cut the cable to sell, and assisted him nearby, which was enough to determine that he had the intention of stealing subjectively, and that he and Liu belonged to a joint crime

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