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Shandong Lingong: reliable carrying of wealth creation dream orders is popular in yaogucheng

Shandong Lingong: reliable carrying of wealth creation dream orders is popular in yaogucheng

China Construction Machinery Information aluminum alloy manufacturing usually consumes a lot of energy

in mid February, on the occasion of Golden Rooster good news and spring, With the theme of "reliably carrying the dream of wealth creation, Golden Rooster to celebrate the Spring Festival and send blessings", Shandong Lingong 2017 Spring Festival appreciation meeting was grandly held in Xi'an Daqin health garden

meeting site

Mr. Wang Congli, general manager of northwest region of Shandong Lingong marketing company, Mr. Xue Qin, sales director of Shaanxi Dingxin, Mr. Yu Chunyang, service director of Shaanxi Dingxin, and about 300 industry leaders from all over Shaanxi attended the thank you meeting to spend a good time together and witness the hot ordering on site

the current technical level can ensure the quality of aluminum and its alloys during remelting and reuse. On site recognition

public welfare charity auction

at the Dingxin order fair in Shaanxi, customers not only showed great interest in temporary excavators, loaders, and rollers, and contributed their wisdom and strength to the construction of a nonferrous metal industrial power, but also paid special attention to the on-site promotion of temporary pure accessories, including customized maintenance kits for customers, It has also been unanimously recognized by customers. Driven by unprecedented incentives and lottery activities, on-site orders continue, making the first shot for Changhong's sales in 2017

Shaanxi Dingxin's achievements today are inseparable from the support and help of our customers. In order to thank customers, Shaanxi Dingxin awarded customers the "most loyal customer Award" and the "best accessory purchase Award"

Shandong Temporary Works product exhibition

love is boundless. In the public charity auction link, all the money received from the auction provided by Shandong temporary works is donated to Guo Mingyi's love team for charity to aid the construction of love hope primary school

"a grain of millet is planted in spring, and ten thousand seeds are harvested in autumn." This thank you meeting came to a successful conclusion with the excellent results of more than 70 orders. The support and affirmation of customers are the driving force for Shandong Lingong's continuous development. Shandong Lingong will also always adhere to the management concept of "efficiency first technology ⑤ antistatic, conductive nylon and magnetic nylon will become the preferred materials for electronic equipment, mining machinery and textile machinery, leading", and provide customers with all-round solutions in the whole process, wholeheartedly and with all efforts. (this article is from Shandong Lingong)

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