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Shandong: resolutely stop food and beverage waste and encourage units with similar locations to share canteens

release date: Source: CCTV client

learned from Shandong Provincial Bureau of organ affairs that recently Shandong Provincial Bureau of organ Affairs issued a "notice" to comprehensively strengthen the management of Party and government canteens and official reception meals in Shandong Province, and resolutely stop food and beverage waste

the notice made it clear that the canteen should be added and enter the next interface to strengthen the standardization construction, and provide meals according to the principles of health and simplicity. We should strengthen the purchase, storage and processing management of food materials and raw materials. Improve the way of serving meals, use information-based means to scientifically analyze and predict the number of diners, and implement dynamic management. Promote the construction of "healthy canteen", reasonably match dishes, pay attention to the balance of meals, use small portions, platters and other forms, reduce the waste of leftover meals, and carry out "CD-ROM action". It is necessary to further improve the utilization rate and intensification of the resources of the canteen, and encourage the units with similar locations to share the canteen. We should strengthen the reduction of food waste at the source and improve the resource utilization level of food waste. Government departments at all levels should work with relevant departments to study and establish a canteen system for party and government organs. We hope to produce absorbable implants to prevent food waste, and the effectiveness evaluation and statistical notification system

the notice requires that party and government organs at all levels in Shandong province 6. Curve mode: stretching: force elongation, stress-strain; Force time, extension time, and response time should strictly implement the administrative measures for domestic official reception of Party and government organs in Shandong Province and other system regulations, strengthen the dining management of domestic official reception, meetings, training and other official activities, take the lead in strict economy, oppose waste, vigorously advocate and implement the serving of individual dishes, and lead the social consumption civilization with the official dining civilization. Domestic official reception meals should be in accordance with the requirements of quickness, health and economy, actively promote simple meals and standardized meals, scientifically and reasonably arrange the number of meals, and implement buffets in principle

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