Shandong is the hottest to build a 100 billion int

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Shandong builds a 100 billion IOT industry

under the background of the accelerated development of digital information technology, Shandong province accelerates the pace of building a smart Shandong. Recently, the Shandong provincial government released the "Implementation Opinions on implementing GF (2013) No. 7 document to promote the orderly and healthy development of IOT", proposing that by 2015, the scale of Shandong IOT industry will exceed 200billion yuan, and the performance is between plastic and rubber, initially forming an IOT industrial system

try to reduce the residue composition and moisture content. According to the opinions, how should Shandong province carry out environmental protection treatment? The pilot demonstration application of IOT will be realized in the fields of industry, agriculture, energy conservation and environmental protection, business circulation, transportation energy, public safety, social undertakings, urban management, safety production, etc., and the use of IOT technology will further improve the development level of strategic emerging industries such as new energy, new materials, new medicine, marine engineering, energy conservation and environmental protection, aerospace, cultural creativity, etc., and cultivate a number of advantageous enterprises in IOT application services

Liang wanzhang, chief analyst of Hesheng wealth, believes that 1. The maximum experimental force: 100kN. IOT concept investment specifically includes many aspects. Big data and smart city will become the main aspects of subsequent investment. Investors should focus on industry leaders in the future. These enterprises may have formed mature business models or have huge market space, which is the focus of policy and market support. However, at present, there is still a certain gap between the growth of relevant listed companies and market expectations. Do not catch up

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