Shandong Lingong and Tsinghua University jointly p

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Shandong Lingong and Tsinghua University jointly promote "intelligent manufacturing"

Shandong Lingong and Tsinghua University jointly promote "intelligent manufacturing"

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in order to better promote the implementation of the company's strategy, improve management and production efficiency, and accelerate the integration of industrialization and informatization of the company, Shandong Lingong held a special lecture on "industry 4.0" on August 19. Lu Wei, deputy director of the big data center of the school of software, Tsinghua University, and other technical backbones were invited to give the lecture, and more than 50 middle and senior leaders of the company participated

speech by wendegang, general manager of Shandong temporary works

wendegang, general manager of Shandong temporary works, pointed out in his speech before the lecture: "Industry 4.0 is not a concept, nor a slogan, but should become the direction of manufacturing development. When major changes have taken place in the country and the world, we should strengthen our study of advanced production concepts, look at the world, accept and transform industry 4.0, the integration of industrialization and industrialization, big data, interconnection + and other advanced concepts, and make breakthroughs in automation equipment."

the software school of Tsinghua University has been focusing on the field of industrial software. In the "made in China 2025" strategy launched by the Ministry of industry and information technology, it is responsible for the operating system and industrial software in the field of industrial software, and many big data achievements have been recognized at home and abroad. For this lecture, once the low-carbon steel board is damaged, it can only be re purchased. The teachers of the school of software of Tsinghua University have made full preparations. At the beginning of July, Wang Jianmin, the dean of the software college, and Lu Wei, the deputy director of the big data center, specially investigated the company, combined with the actual promotion of the company's "integration of industrialization and industrialization", and comprehensively considered the national development situation and the current situation of industrial production capacity, and finally determined the four topics of this lecture

Shandong Lingong held a special lecture on "industry 4.0"

on the same day, the training team comprehensively interpreted the concept, key points and development process of industry 4.0 in view of "the fourth industrial revolution and national countermeasures" and "industrial big data helps the transformation of manufacturing industry"; With the cases of "smart factory" and "smart operation and maintenance" of construction machinery enterprises, they shared the focus that can be implemented in the industry, and combined theory with cases to deepen students' understanding of "industry 4.0". After the lecture, the teachers of Tsinghua University conducted business research on the workshop and various business departments to further understand the actual situation of the company and realize the in-depth cooperation between the school and the enterprise

in recent years, Shandong Lingong has fully implemented the innovative management mode of "one whole, two innovations and three combinations", taking improving the professional quality of employees as an important means to improve productivity and enhance core competitiveness, and has carried out various forms of efficiency improvement, qualification transformation and quality improvement activities for the exclusive supply of C919 aircraft wheels and braking system with Honeywell, which has achieved remarkable results. This cooperation with the authoritative team of the school of software of Tsinghua University is an inevitable move taken by Shandong Lingong to cope with the general trend of "intelligent" development in the construction machinery industry, and also fully shows Shandong Lingong's determination to promote "intelligent manufacturing"

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