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Shandong Linyi released the latest investigation results of chemical deflagration accident

Shandong Linyi released the latest investigation results of chemical deflagration accident

September 4, 2009

[China paint information] on the afternoon of September 3, Linyi City, Shandong Province announced the latest investigation results of chemical deflagration accident yesterday afternoon. The basic situation of the accident is as follows: at about 15:35 on September 2, 2009, a truck loaded with pore forming agent and other raw materials from Yunheng Logistics Co., Ltd., No. 113, F3 area, Jinlan logistics base, Lanshan District, deflagration occurred to the goods just unloaded after unloading. After the public security firefighters put out the fire with all their efforts, the fire was put out at about 16:30 that night. Seven people died at the scene of the accident, and 11 died after rescue, resulting in a total of 18 deaths. Ten people were injured, with minor injuries and no life-threatening

after preliminary investigation, the specific situation of the fire site is as follows:

Fire Location: Yunheng logistics distribution station, owner Lin Huaqing

on site fire substances: top coat curing agent (xylene, butyl ester, polyglycolic acid resin), primer (xylene, butyl acetate, ethylbenzene)

fire vehicle: Lu qz0075, and there is a very large gap between supply and demand of three finished oil vehicles are over fire

goods and sources: pore forming agent Jiangsu Yixing Shengli chemical plant

attention: Deng Xuehua

at present, Lin Huaqing, the owner of Yunheng logistics distribution station, which caused the deflagration accident, has been controlled by the public security organ. Guo Zhaoxin, vice governor of Shandong Province, and the comrades in charge of the provincial public security, safety supervision, fire protection and other departments rushed to Linyi overnight to inspect the scene of the accident, visit the injured, and guide the disposal and rescue work. Lianchengmin, Secretary of the Linyi Municipal Party committee, rushed to the scene immediately and asked the urban level to rescue the wounded at all costs, properly arrange the aftermath work, and make specific arrangements for finding out the cause of the accident, appeasing the relatives of the dead, and releasing relevant information. He also asked the medical institutions to mobilize high-level medical forces, use all means, and do their best to rescue the wounded and save lives

in response to the accident, Linyi city put forward four measures: first, the municipal government quickly established an accident investigation team composed of public security fire protection, chemical experts and other relevant parties to immediately carry out the accident investigation, investigate and collect evidence from the injured and on-site witnesses, preliminarily grasp the basic situation of the accident, and investigate and deal with the accident in accordance with the sudden reduction of the freight volume of raw coal under the "four don't let go"; The second is to do a good job in the treatment of the wounded to ensure that the wounded recover as soon as possible. 10 injured people were quickly transferred to the Municipal People's Hospital, and excellent medical experts have been selected to organize treatment; Third, do a solid job in dealing with the aftermath. Lanshan district has done meticulous appeasement work for the families of 18 dead people, and the county where the dead people are located actively assists in the work, and appeases and compensates the dead and injured people as soon as possible according to the regulations; Fourth, draw inferences from one instance, strengthen prevention, and strictly prevent similar accidents from happening again

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