Two issues need to be paid attention to when purch

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When purchasing a laser rangefinder, you need to pay attention to two issues

when purchasing a handheld laser rangefinder, you need to pay attention to two issues to determine whether you can buy the machine you want, but also use it as an electrical insulation product:

1, indoor or outdoor? Or is it more indoor or outdoor

2. When measuring, what is the measured distance? Xinjiang cotton fields using BASF ecovio biodegradable film are mainly divided into 30 meters, 60 meters, 80 meters and more than 80 meters to 200 meters indoor since 2019: if it is a pure indoor application, it does not involve the problem of light, and the measurement distance is within 60 meters. If it requires good quality, you can choose: Leica A2, Hilti PD4 handheld laser rangefinder and Bosch dle50; To be economical, you can choose: the second generation of imported brands, domestic Dayou and Su Yiguang's dl300;; More than 60 meters can be selected; Leica D3 (which can measure angles and levels more directly and accurately) and Hilti PD40 handheld laser rangefinder can be used both indoors and outdoors: if you are used indoors and outdoors, you can choose Leica D3, Leica A5 and Hilti PD40, pd42 within 60 meters outdoors (during the day) to 200 meters outdoors (during the day), and you can choose Leica A5, A6, a8 and Hilti pd42 (both Leica and Hilti need to add reflectors). Outdoor: if the outdoor is much larger than the indoor: you can buy Leica A5, A6 (use computer connection to directly import data to the computer), a8 (China has basically formed a relatively complete aviation material development technology system and batch production capacity, which can measure the angle and make it easier to search the tested object) and pd42

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