On the important role of wires and cables in socia

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On the important role of wires and cables in social development

Abstract wires and cables are a large category of electrical products used to transmit power, transmit information and complete electromagnetic energy conversion. This paper briefly expounds the primary role of wires and cables in social growth

key words wire and cable social growth effect

wire and cable is a large category of electrical products used to transmit power, transmit information and complete electromagnetic energy conversion. Over the past 20 years, this definition has been widely recognized and quoted by the international industry, and has also been recognized and adopted by the industry in many countries. It not only summarizes the broad scope of wire and cable products, but also deeply exposes the primary role of wire and cable in society, which will be described in several aspects below

1. Poverty in all economic activities and social life

in modern society, the use of electricity and electromagnetic waves is indispensable in all places where people live, in all occasions where there are production, transportation and all economic activities, in all activities of exploration and development of needs in space, underground, land and so on, and in any target development activity of scientific and Technological Development and innovation. The generation, transmission and utilization of electricity and electromagnetic waves must adopt wires and cables. "There are architectural experts to introduce them as connecting and transmitting parts or as winding data of the host machine. In fact, all industrial production, transportation, construction projects and measures, modern agriculture and scientific research, military equipment or military measures, space and land exploration and social life (including the daily life of every family and people) are related to wire and cable products

2. Meet the piecemeal or assembly upgrading of various categories in time, and open up the compatibility of innovation

since the middle of the 20th century, with the rapid growth of superstition and technology in the way of mutation and innovation, the content of human economic activities has produced step by step comprehensive growth from depth to breadth. At the same time, the continuous improvement of the quality of people's lives has promoted the continuous renewal and growth of the types of wires and cables as supporting or connecting parts, and the consumption continues to increase. If the supporting development cannot be completed in time, the development of main parts or main equipment will be delayed, which will have a great impact. For example, the doubling of power consumption requires the progressive progress of transmission voltage. The voltage of transmission power in China has increased from 220kV to 1000kV, which can be further improved; To build a highly intelligent building, there must be computer collection cables for the hierarchical connection of hundreds or thousands of electronic computers; In order to build Chengdu public cable TV, deposit and withdrawal, economic exchanges and information exchange of all banks in the city and even the world, broadband cables (or optical cables) with high speed, low loss and high reliability must be available; In order to ensure the reliability and privacy of communication and data transmission, a number of optical cable branches with a length of thousands of nautical miles have been built between countries on all continents of the world through the Pacific Ocean, the Western Ocean and other major continents; In order to complete the remote control firing of military artillery or anti-aircraft artillery groups, there must be control, signals and measuring cables suitable for the despicable environment in the field; Wires and cables in natural satellites must be resistant to high temperature and space electronic radiation, and even micro insulated wires with diameters up to micron level should be used in their instruments; Ultrahigh temperature measurement and control wires with temperature resistance of 500 ℃ and 1000 ℃ are required for aircraft or high-temperature furnace occasions; Medical X-ray machines and CT machines must have DC 100kV and 200kV high-voltage flexible cables; The pacemaker must have a very thin but harmful public wire that can be pulled out of the blood vessels of the human body; The rapid growth of modern agricultural industrialization has promoted the growth of various public cables, such as soil heating cables, self-control temperature cables, etc

for example, for all occasions requiring fire prevention, there must be flame-retardant (non flame retardant) or fire-resistant wires and cables of various grades; All kinds of wires and cables to prevent biological risks, such as rats, termites, mold and bird pecking; For public places that need Enron protection, such as finance, hotels, Enron type residential areas and museums, it is necessary to install active detection heads and centralized display monitoring systems, which requires public RF cables for devices, etc

3. Product categories that occupy a considerable proportion in the national economy and are large in quantity and wide in scope

because wires and cables have been widely used in measures, equipment and equipment used in the fragmentary operation of the economy, especially the huge power transmission fragmentary and information communication fragmentary, and work in all social activities and deeply into the daily life of every family and individual, Therefore, wire and cable products have reached a ubiquitous situation. And it is still following the social and economic activities from depth to breadth to stop the step leaping growth; The continuous improvement of people's requirements for the safe and quiet quality of life continues to spur the growth of wire and cable products and the increase of production. Therefore, in the mid-1990s, a futurist predicted that in the 21st century, they also planned to carry out a crowdfunding activity in June this year, which would be the world of wires (wires and cables)

China's cable industry grew rapidly from scratch after the founding of the people's Republic of China in 1949. So far, both the level of process equipment and the level of product technology have reached and are close to the advanced level of the world. Especially in terms of copper consumption (including the converted value of aluminum) and total output value, the scope of China's cable industry is within the top three in the world. For example, in 2000, the total output value of China's cable industry has reached 90billion yuan, accounting for about 1% of the total economic output value of the country, about 4% of the total output value of the motor industry and 17% of the motor and electrical appliance industry. Among the 135 industries in the motor industry, the output value range ranks second only to the automotive industry

it should be pointed out that the demand for cable products is closely related to the growth rate of national economy and the progress of people's livelihood, and is more directly related to the input of fundamental support, which is the conclusion of statistical analysis for decades

according to the statistics of the third national industrial census in 1995, the number of wire and cable production enterprises was 4752 (including non independent accounting units), and the small and medium-sized enterprises accounted for about 95.7% of the total In 1997, the National Bureau of statistics released 2738 independent accounting enterprises, 1591 of which have a middle-aged output value of more than 5million yuan. Statistics show that there are many small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry, many emerging enterprises, and unfair regional distribution. About 60 to 70 enterprises have an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan, and the largest enterprise has an annual output value of more than 2 billion yuan. The number of employees in the whole industry exceeds 400000. Taking the product range as an example, the annual output of power cables has reached about 250000 kilometers (including more than 50000 kilometers of 6kV ~ 35kV medium voltage cables and more than 200 kilometers of 110kV and above high-voltage cables), the annual output of general insulated wires (plastic and rubber) has exceeded 10million kilometers, the annual output of copper core German wind cables has reached 80million pairs of kilometers, various optical cables have about 10million core kilometers, and enameled wires have about 300000 tons. It is clear that wire and cable products have a large quantity and wide range of characteristics, and occupy a similar proportion in the national economy

4. The safe and reliable operation of products is particularly important for wires and cables.

in the collection of electricity or information fragments, wire and cable products are components that are set up according to the size of fragments and concave convex grades, and the degree of delay is endless. That is, in a system, from high to low, from large capacity to small capacity, wires and cables are spread throughout the whole area along the length target. It is not like motors, transformers or information transmission equipment, program-controlled interchangers, etc. installed on a "node", which is easy to control and protect; If a certain "node" is faulty, it will not touch other "nodes". Add wire and cable products that cannot be repaired and can only be replaced. Therefore, the durability, safe and reliable operation of wire and cable products is particularly important

as for the high-voltage electricity used by foreigners, such wires and cables that can ensure the stability of current and voltage (such as theatres, markets, entertainment halls, and residential areas) are related to the safe sleep of people's lives and wealth. According to statistics, 80% of the electrical fire accidents caused by electrical equipment in China are related to wires and cables. Among them, if the wires in the buildings are old or poorly protected, and the insulation is aging, and they are not checked and replaced in time; It is also caused by poor production and quality. From 1999 to 2000, there were several fire accidents caused by wire fires in entertainment venues in Northwest China, and more than 200 people were killed each time. This is a painful experience

therefore, fully understanding the demand for durable, safe and reliable operation of wire and cable products is not only the driving force for employees of cable manufacturing enterprises to strengthen their understanding of production, quality and quantity at the right time, but also reflects the primary role of wires and cables in social stability and growth

5. Conclusion

it is necessary for every employee to discuss and be familiar with the primary role of engaging in wire and cable manufacturing in social growth. It can strengthen our pride and heart to the task. For enterprise leaders or managers and technical staff, it can expand their horizons and magnanimous demeanor, and plan how to build our city into one of the six rare earth functional material bases in Yucheng country, keeping pace with the times, strengthening management and continuous development; For production workers, they should try their best to perform the operating procedures and process documents, strengthen the understanding of quality, and improve the quality of production. So that enterprises and industries can make steady and rapid progress and growth

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