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On the important role of packaging in logistics security (Part 1)

[Abstract] this paper discusses the content of logistics security research, and then, from the perspective of packaging, discusses in detail the impact of packaging materials, weight, shape, size, methods, etc. on logistics security in various sections of logistics. Finally, the packaging technology measures to improve logistics safety are discussed

key words: packaging logistics; Safety; Technical measures

logistics refers to the physical movement of goods from suppliers to demanders. It is an economic activity that creates temporal and local value. In addition to packaging, loading and unloading, storage, inventory storage, circulation and processing, transportation, distribution and other activities, it also includes the information flow connecting these activities. From the supplier to the demander, commodities have to undergo multiple sub packaging, distribution and transportation; In these logistics activities, goods will be lost, including mechanical, physical, chemical, information and other aspects. In order to ensure the safety of the whole logistics activities, we must analyze the causes of commodity losses. According to statistics, the annual loss of goods caused by poor packaging in China is quite amazing. Therefore, it is of great significance to strengthen the research on the mechanism of commodity loss and reduce the loss of commodities in the planned logistics process of building an international new material science and Technology City in Ningbo. This paper attempts to study the safety of logistics process from the perspective of packaging

1 Relationship between packaging and logistics

packaging has a special position in the whole logistics activities. In the process of production and circulation, packaging is at the end of the production process and the beginning of the logistics process, that is, it is both the end of production and the beginning of the logistics process. Packaging is the basis of logistics activities. Without packaging, it is almost impossible to realize other logistics activities (except bulk logistics). Therefore, the package passes through 4 It has the function of extensometer to realize high-precision measurement and display sample deformation through the whole logistics process. Its material, form, method and shape design have an important impact on other logistics links. In addition to the impact of packaging on the economy of logistics activities, it also has an important impact on the safety of logistics activities

2 content of logistics security research

the content of logistics security research includes two aspects: the security of goods in the logistics process and the security of information flow

2.1 safety of goods

safety of goods refers to the change of its quality within the allowable range in the logistics process. Its change forms include physical, mechanical, physiological, biochemical and biological changes. The physical changes of commodities include volatilization, dissolution, condensation, cross smell, contamination and other forms; The mechanical changes of commodities mainly include crushing, deformation and the maximum stress before the first fall of opening force; The lower yield point is the time crack, scratch, etc. regardless of the initial transient effect; The chemical changes of commodities include oxidation, aging, corrosion, etc; The physiological and biochemical changes of commodities mainly refer to the germination, mossing and embryonic development of living organic commodities (such as seeds, fruits, fresh eggs, etc.); Biological changes of commodities mainly refer to the mildew and fermentation of commodities with animals and plants as the main raw materials, which are eroded by pests and microorganisms. To study the security of logistics commodities is to study what measures can be taken to make the natural attributes of commodities have the ability to resist external environmental conditions in the logistics process. For example, electronic products can pass slow; Medium packaging to resist falling and collision during handling and loading, as well as vibration and impact during transportation; Another example is that food can be packaged by mould proof packaging e-mail:samt_ cui@vip.sina.com To resist the invasion of external oxygen

2.2 security of information flow

information flow refers to the flow process of information, instructions, signals, documents and other forms that serve the movement of materials in the logistics process. The control function of logistics movement is completed by information flow. Therefore, the study of logistics cannot be separated from information flow

generally speaking, people often divide packaging into sales (commercial) packaging and transportation (industrial) packaging. In the process of information flow, in terms of packaging, it is the mark of transportation packaging and the bar code of sales packaging. Although these information are static in themselves, they serve other logistics links in the whole logistics activities. For example, the packaging mark of dangerous goods is used to identify dangerous goods and indicate the protective measures that should be taken to ensure logistics safety; Receipt and delivery marks are used to identify goods and realize the receipt and delivery management of goods; The pictorial marks of storage and transportation are determined according to some characteristics of the product, such as fear of humidity, shock, heat, cold, pressure, etc. its purpose is to attract the attention of operators during transportation, loading and unloading, and storage, so that they can operate according to the requirements of the pictorial marks

studying the security of information flow, in terms of packaging, is how to ensure that the marks of transportation packaging are not easy to be erased and destroyed in the logistics process, and how to ensure that the bar code of sales packaging is correctly and easily collected and read. (to be continued)

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