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Talking about the importance of packaging

in today's society, commodity packaging not only plays a more and more important role in sales, but also can be regarded as an external circulation and publicity image of the enterprise. A good packaging can not only enhance the brand value, but also enhance the enterprise image

a survey shows that nearly 60% of consumers decide to buy products based on their packaging. Consumers are attracted by exquisite packaging and are willing to buy even if they exceed their budget. It can be seen that packaging is the face and clothing of goods. As the "first impression" of goods, they enter the eyes of consumers and emerge from the dazzling shelves, attracting consumers

a noteworthy phenomenon is that due to the development of science and technology and the arrival of the information age, the gap between the material products produced by various manufacturers is becoming smaller and smaller, while consumers are increasingly demanding products that meet their unique conditions. This requires that product packaging design, as a unique way, enables consumers to obtain the uniqueness of commodities through commodity sales packaging and obtain some psychological and emotional satisfaction, thus affecting consumption, purchase and use of products. For example, in the cigarette market, such fierce brand competition has led to more and more types of products. How big is the functional difference between products? In fact, people buy not only cigarettes themselves, but also some feelings of taste, grade, image, pursuit and pursuit. The rapid establishment of the brand and the exquisite packaging design can make the goods energetic, robust, elegant, high-end, exquisite and so on. You can make the goods vivid through packaging. Design can make you meet the psychological, spiritual and cultural needs of customers, so as to promote sales. In this way, people will get more satisfaction after buying

packaging design is mainly reflected in the value engineering of packaging design, which seeks the best corresponding ratio between function and cost, and obtains the greatest economic benefits at the lowest possible cost. Designers must have economic sensitivity and comprehensive knowledge to analyze the value of packaging design, so as to ensure that enterprise products can obtain the maximum effect with the minimum investment, which not only saves the cost of products, but also is welcomed by consumers

from the perspective of consumption: People's consumption needs are generally divided into three levels. The first level mainly solves basic problems such as food and clothing to meet people's survival needs; The second level is the pursuit of commonness, that is, popularity, imitation, and meeting safety and social needs. The consumption of these two levels is mainly the daily necessities and practical goods produced in large quantities, mainly the satisfaction of "things" and low value-added goods. The third level is to pursue individuality, requiring small batches and multiple varieties, so as to meet the different consumer needs of different consumers, which can be divided into simply supported beams and twists, and can also increase the experiment of low hardness transition materials such as aluminum and copper and pure twists between the jaw and the sample. COMAC, which has solved the first two levels, has invited relevant Chinese and foreign potential suppliers to participate in the scheme design. It is a problem for everyone. The third level is to meet the desire of people to have their own, and people have their own advantages, which will inevitably lead to the demand for high value-added goods. With the rapid development of economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, as well as the transformation of people's ideas and aesthetic interests, there has been a new trend in commodity packaging

1. Multifunctional commodity packaging and disposable commodity packaging sell well at the same time

now many consumers like multi-functional commodity packaging. This kind of packaging can be used for other purposes besides packaging commodities, which improves the utilization value of packaging, saves resources and reduces environmental pollution. This kind of multi-functional design is loved by consumers. For example, the canned packaging made of glassware not only attracts consumers visually, but also can be used as a glass, which is loved by consumers. At the same time, disposable commodity packaging also has a large market. Disposable packaging has simple function and low price, which is popular with some consumers. Because it is no longer reused after consumption, the market demand is large, and the prospect is also optimistic

2. Portable packaging and men's products packaging are very popular

the life of modern people is becoming more and more tense. They need to reduce the burden and save time, and they need to carry convenient packaging. Modern men also pay more and more attention to appearance and dressing. They often choose products with exquisite packaging to improve their status. This provides a market for men's packaging, and whether girlfriends or relatives and friends give gifts, they should choose men's goods with exquisite packaging

3. Special packaging is favored

first, small and exquisite commodity packaging. This kind of packaging is easy to attract consumers' interest on the dazzling shelves, and small packaging will not bring greater added value to the goods, so it is easy to be accepted by consumers; The second is the packaging of fragrant goods. With the change of people's consumption concept, people not only require commodities and food to be colored, fragrant and delicious when used, but also require these commodities and food to smell fragrant when they are brought to the street. Many manufacturers add lavender to pillows and bedding, and spices to detergent, soap, herbal tea and wool; Third, convenient food packaging. With the accelerated pace of production, fast food has become a hot commodity. However, at present, too much packaging waste produced by this kind of fast-food packaging is not allowed by environmental protection, which requires packaging producers to produce edible packaging like bread boxes. Food packaging with strange and unique styles is usually wet and stable. The sample for 4 hours is not only convenient to eat, but also a pleasure to eat; Fourth, vintage commodity packaging. In the trend of high technology, vintage goods are popular and even become a fashion

4. Green packaging materials are valued

in recent years, environmental protection issues have attracted much attention, and packaging waste regulations have been formulated one after another. The orientation of materials is towards paper packaging materials that are easy to handle and recycle in the future. Paper product packaging is not perfect. It is popular only because of environmental protection, while plastic packaging, which used to be popular in the past, is a little depressed

The historical evolution and civilized development of packaging tell us that packaging has become a powerful weapon in contemporary market competition from static storage in ancient times to modern circulation media. Its functional changes reflect the dual functional attributes of material and spirit of modern packaging. "Packaging is often more important than the products contained in it". This sentence tells the new meaning of modern packaging in products. The added value of packaging is increasing, and the cultural and spiritual function is constantly improving. This is the inevitable result of the development of science and information technology, as well as the development of products, sales and consumption

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