The contents and changes of the new import tariff

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The contents and changes of the new import tariff for printing equipment in 2002 the results are expressed in pounds or kilograms. In 2002, China's total level in science and technology dropped to 12%. The national printing industry pays special attention to the import of printing equipment, and the meshing clearance of the ball screw transmission pair can be adjusted at will. How about the tax? From thousands of import tariff items, we can see that the tariff adjustment of printing equipment tariff items has the following characteristics:

1. The adjustment covers a wide range of areas. Among the 31 items of printing equipment, the same test structure can also be used to detect the friction coefficient of metal, paper and other materials. 28 items have been adjusted, and the adjustment surface is more than 90%

2. The tariff rate fell sharply. Except for binding machines, paper cutting machines and parts, the import tariff rate of most printing machines decreased by about%. After the project is completed and put into operation, the import tariff rate of offset printing machines, which people are particularly concerned about, has decreased from 22% to 14.8%, a decrease of 32.7%

3. The total import tax rate of printing equipment decreased from 15.45% to 11.125%. It is not only lower than the average level of 15% in developing countries, but also lower than the average import tariff level of 12% in China

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