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The contradiction between supply and demand in the domestic steel market deepened again. The short rebound lasted only one week, and the domestic spot steel price turned downward again. However, under the strong pressure of overcapacity, the release of domestic steel output "can not be recovered even if you want to", and the crude steel output has risen for 20 days in a row in the "dismal market", and the contradiction between supply and demand in the steel market has deepened

according to the latest market report provided by "my steel", a well-known domestic steel information organization, the comprehensive price of domestic steel fell again, with a weekly decline of 0.5%. In the recent week, dragged down by the sharp decline of the stock market, rebar futures fell significantly at the beginning of the week, the confidence of the spot steel market wavered, and the spot steel price returned to weakness after a short rebound last week. People in the market reported that the downstream demand of the steel market has not improved, and the capital is relatively tight. In addition, the current is the traditional off-season for steel consumption, and there are many rainy days in the south, so it is difficult to fundamentally alleviate the fundamental contradiction of the steel market in the short term

according to the analysis, in the plate market, the price has changed from rising to falling. The ton price of medium and heavy plate has seen a weekly decline of yuan in most markets in China. Most businesses have not made satisfactory transactions, and there are also obvious differences in pricing. New sources of goods from Shanghai and other places are still arriving one after another, but the rainy weather is increasing, which is bound to affect the demand for steel. The wait-and-see mood in the steel market is getting stronger and stronger. Hot rolled coils are also "rising before falling". Due to the difficulty of the overall market, the interest game between steel mills and traders can be described as "cutting corners at every turn". It is used in a wide range of industries: scientific research institutes, commodity inspection and arbitration institutions, colleges and universities, and rubber, tire, plastic, wire and cable, shoemaking, leather, textile, packaging, building materials, petrochemical, aviation and other industries. As long as the steel price rebounds in a "flash in the pan", Some leading steel mills immediately narrowed the reduction range in the new pricing, and even cancelled the original preferential policies for more than a year, which increased the pressure on some agents. At present, the overall shipment is difficult. Even if the merchant's quotation is lowered, the market transaction has not seen significant volume

in the construction steel market, the price is also down again. The deadline for the full text of the paper is june25,2016. According to the analysis of insiders, the price of raw materials such as billet and iron ore 4) limit protection: it has two-level limit protection of program control and machinery; Georgia suffered another weak shock, and the cost support of the steel market weakened. The construction site procurement is not good, the situation of capital is not clear, and the wait-and-see atmosphere in the steel market has become obviously strong. If the price is reduced, the steel traders are certainly reluctant. However, some cash strapped merchants have to lower their quotations for shipment

although some domestic provinces have strengthened environmental protection and the local crude steel output has decreased slightly, considering bank loans, marginal benefits and other factors, the willingness of steel enterprises to actively reduce production is still relatively low. The contradiction between supply and demand in the steel market is difficult to ease. The current steel price has been at a low level since the beginning of the year. It is estimated that it will be difficult to get out of the consolidation pattern in the next step

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