Yuanlong's new product, SEO Siano, was grandly lau

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2018 young people's exclusive series, SEO Siano, was grandly launched. It was created by the German design team. It is full of creativity and passion, and shows personality. It is the best choice for young people in the new era

product specification: 1.06*15.5m

product process: in order to make the wallpaper bright and bright, highlight personality, Yuanlong adopts all imported ink, made by German technology, dare to try and break the tradition

environmental protection coefficient: it reaches the highest level in the European Union and is more environmentally friendly than wall cloth and ordinary non-woven fabrics

design style: personalized, differentiated, partial 3D effect rendering

functionality: scratch resistant, wear-resistant, waterproof, and its service life is twice longer than that of ordinary wallpaper

unique 3D simulation technology, extreme color separation and clear hierarchy

it adopts personalized design patterns and unique color matching to highlight the personality and vitality of young people

personalized graffiti design makes you feel the free and unrestrained atmosphere of France

cool color matching, bustling lighting street scene pattern design, strong urban rendering atmosphere, as if you were in a corner of an international metropolis, highlighting your personality and great vitality

with gorgeous colors and buildings, the romantic atmosphere on the streets of Paris is coming

fresh colors give you the taste of nature, innocent, quiet and comfortable




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