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At present, with the gradual acceleration of information transmission, the number and ways of obtaining information are gradually increasing, especially the successive investment fairs and expositions, which make the company dizzying. The store is the main opportunity for the company to show itself. Door and window enterprises should seize the opportunity of a lifetime to strengthen the communication with the store in order to truly win the mall

the number of people becoming door and window dealers has increased

although the home shopping malls in the first and second tier cities have tended to be relatively saturated, the third and fourth tier cities are still expected. Therefore, on the one hand, the demand continues to seize the new shopping malls, on the other hand, it is necessary to rely on their own strength to squeeze out the original local stores and expand the development space for themselves. No matter how large the door and window store is, it will inevitably involve investment questions. Every time a new store is opened, a considerable number of dealers are required to settle in. It is normal for an average of 150 owners to settle in a store. Where do these merchants come from? The existing door and window dealers often say that business is difficult to do. In addition to the existing dealers, where do the new dealers come from? There are three main categories:

first, before entering the door and window profession, many new dealers were mostly engaged in household appliances, electromechanical and other businesses in local cities, and their hands were not poor. It happened that these chain home stores came here to attract investment. They felt that the development momentum of the door and window industry was good (they thought that the gross profit was high). They thought this was a new opportunity for wealth, so they jumped in

second, this kind of dealer used to be engaged in business of other occupations, but because of the contact of fellow villagers, for example, his fellow villagers are the boss of door and window enterprises, so he becomes a dealer in a city, or if there is a door and window enterprise in his fellow villagers' circle, he will also become a door and window dealer. This situation is particularly significant in Zhejiang region

third, such dealers used to be related to the profession of doors and windows, or data suppliers, or the company's promotion manager, etc. they found that a certain shopping mall was good, so they chose to become dealers. There are also many of them

yes, many people may think of the topic of "inheriting the father's business", but in the door and window industry, it is really rare that the descendants of dealers are willing to take over the business of their parents, regardless of the strength of the dealers and whether there are independent stores. In the vast new stores in prefecture level cities, the above three types of dealers account for a lot

many door and window enterprises are waiting to "come forward"

for many door and window enterprises, the most important thing now is to constantly participate in brand investment fairs in door and window stores. You know, before the investment promotion meeting, those chain stores have "humanized" the intended merchants, as mentioned above. Of course, more importantly, not all brands can obtain the right to participate in the investment promotion meeting

usually, the number of door and window brands in a home store can be maintained at the mercy of dozens. If the store area is large, this number may be higher. But the reality is that the number of collaborative brands alone has reached thousands, which has not yet accounted for a large number of local door and window brands in China. To put it bluntly, now there are too many door and window enterprises waiting to "come forward", and except for those brands with special circumstances (such as taking the independent store approach), most brands still rely on the store approach

it is necessary to have useful exchanges with stores

a few years ago, e-commerce for doors and windows was also regarded as a new gadget, with a rapid momentum. It was regarded by many people as a powerful magic weapon to impact the traditional way, and the results were mostly thunder and rain. Later, the joint organization of dealers also began to appear, but it did not have much innovative impact on the career path. Later, various joint organizations of companies began to be born, but it seems that most of them held exchange meetings with stores, thinking about how to get a very good position for members in stores





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