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Guante wardrobe is a product of guante group. Founded in 2003, guante is one of the first batch of overall wardrobe brands in China, one of the top ten wardrobe brands in China, known as the "doctor of cabinet making", and the trendsetter of overall wardrobe

with the improvement of people's living standards, more and more attention is paid to the quality of family life. In order to make their houses more beautiful, many families will decorate their houses when buying new houses, and the bedroom is the hot spot of decoration. A beautiful and comfortable wardrobe can not only make more efficient use of the practical area of the bedroom, but also make the bedroom more tasteful and valuable. Do you know what is an environmental protection wardrobe? Which one in Nanjing is environmentally friendly? Today, Xiaobian will introduce it

how to define eco-friendly wardrobe

let's take a look at the professional interpretation of eco-friendly wardrobe. Since July 1st, 2002, the state has implemented a limit standard on the formaldehyde emission in plates. For products that fail to pass the China environmental label certification, if their formaldehyde emission can meet the basic requirements of E1 and E2 levels, the products can also be sold on the market, but E2 level is only limited to outdoor use. In this regard, consumers should keep their eyes open. Since the production cost of E2 level is lower than that of E1 level, consumers should not be confused by the appearance of price when buying wardrobe, and mistakenly regard E2 level plate wardrobe as environmental protection wardrobe for indoor use

the cabinet board and viscose of environmental protection wardrobe need to be treated to ensure that the content of harmful substances does not exceed the standard. Environmental protection wardrobe should be exquisite workmanship, and all aspects of quality should be guaranteed. High quality hardware should be used in the environmental protection wardrobe, and the production materials of the environmental protection wardrobe should be recyclable. Energy saving design should be applied to environmental protection wardrobe, and the wardrobe design should highlight practical cases

which environmental protection customized wardrobe in Nanjing

at present, there are various environmental protection wardrobe in the market. Customers can learn about the wardrobe according to their own preferences. Here, Xiaobian introduces guante wardrobe to you, because Xiaobian thinks guante's environmental protection wardrobe is very good

guante wardrobe is a product of guante group. Founded in 2003, guante is one of the first batch of overall wardrobe brands in China, one of the top ten wardrobe brands in China, known as the "doctor of cabinet making", and a trendsetter of overall wardrobe. After more than ten years of continuous development, it has firmly occupied more than 80% of the high-end customized wardrobe Market; With more than 600 franchised stores and a large modern production base covering an area of 50000 square meters, it was selected as the recommended merchant of Expo business card of Shanghai WorldExpo 2010, and was authorized by the Ministry of construction of China to draft and formulate standards for the wall cabinet industry. Did you immediately marvel at the company of guante wardrobe. From the company profile, we can also see that guante brand is very guaranteed

customers' comments are the most authentic. Let's see what netizens say about guante wardrobe. Netizen 1: I ordered it when I was doing activities. It is a super brand, and the quality is trustworthy. Netizen 2: guante customized furniture is really good. It is environmentally friendly and looks good, which is very in line with the aesthetic taste of young people! Simple and fashionable, the price is also very affordable. I ordered two wardrobes and tatami. The clerk's service was very attentive, and every detail was explained in detail. Great, good! Netizen 3: the service is good. After making an appointment, someone came to measure the size soon. The two sunrise drawings respond quickly. It's really good. The style is good-looking, environmentally friendly, and the price is preferential. I really think it's good. I'll patronize it when I have a chance in the future

what is environmentally friendly wardrobe? Which one in Nanjing is environmentally friendly? Through reading the above content, I believe everyone knows about environmental protection wardrobe, which brand is good? Guante wardrobe, of course. Xiaobian recommends it to you




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