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With quality as the root and mode as the king, Yidun will build the first brand of efficient sound insulation doors and windows in China

when I started my business in 2009, I needed money, but I didn't have money; Want talents, no talents. When it's most difficult, I work as a porter and a driver, and I have to finish many things by myself. " After 10 years of ups and downs, when Zhang Longwei, chairman of Yidun doors and windows, recalled the situation when he started his business, he was still filled with emotion. After 10 years of hard work, Yidun doors and windows has created a brilliant career. It was listed in Shenzhen Qianhai equity trading center in November 2017. It has become a CCTV exclusive interview brand for two consecutive years and won the honor of China's top ten doors and windows for seven consecutive years. The market is a battlefield without smoke of gunpowder. It is fighting all the time. What supports the rapid development of Yidun doors and windows? How will Yidun doors and windows move forward in 2019 and even in the following years

Zhang Longwei, chairman of Yidun doors and windows

quality first, service first

in an interview, Zhang Longwei, chairman of Yidun answered that the reason why Yidun can achieve today's results is first of all quality, followed by service. Yidun doors and windows focuses on product quality. Even in 2018, when the door and window market shrank, many manufacturers experienced a major decline in performance, and even some door and window factories closed down due to poor management. Yidun doors and windows still made great progress. This is precisely because the company has always adhered to the purpose of "leading products, perfect technology, service first, and abiding by credit", and worked together, United and hard, so that the "Yidun" brand has created a good reputation in the national market and laid a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the brand

Yidun door and window products cover door and window systems, balcony sliding doors, heavy sliding doors, bedroom and study casement doors and windows, bathroom doors and windows, sunshine room, curtain wall system, etc. The aluminum alloy door and window products produced by it take high-efficiency sound insulation and safety protection as their selling points, and have fashionable and high-grade appearance characteristics, which are very in line with the current trend of the aluminum alloy door and window market

as a production-oriented enterprise, the most important thing is product quality. In the first 10 years, Yidun doors and windows relied on excellent product quality to condense a huge customer base; In the next 10 years or more, Yidun doors and windows will work intensively on products, constantly expand production, improve production efficiency, do a good job in quality and service, create wealth for dealers and happiness for employees

adults reach themselves and vigorously support businesses

for dealers, Yidun doors and windows has always adopted the thinking of adults reach themselves. Because only by achieving and helping dealers, can enterprises develop and expand, realize their ideals and achieve their predetermined goals. The reason is very simple. If you help dealers and make them rich, the sales volume of the enterprise will be done naturally

in helping dealers, Yidun doors and windows firmly believes that mode is king. Zhang Longwei said, "Now, dealers all think it's difficult to do business. In fact, it's really difficult. 10 years ago, it was only 50000 to 100000 yuan to invest in a store. Some dealers can earn 100000 yuan a year and get their money back after one year of operation. Those with good performance may start to make money in half a year, but now investing in a store costs at least hundreds of thousands of yuan, or even millions of yuan. Then making hundreds of thousands of yuan a year, I don't think this kind of money is called making money. It may be just itself Decoration cost. It is not business to open a store and not recover the cost for a year. Business is becoming more and more difficult, so we need to vigorously help our dealers, so that they can recover costs quickly, grow quickly and make profits quickly. "

in fact, in recent years, insiders have said that business is relatively difficult to do, and even the performance of many enterprises has been declining. Yidun doors and windows has maintained sales growth for three consecutive years. In the final analysis, it is the most important thing for Yidun to help marketers in its marketing work

build the first brand of efficient sound insulation doors and windows in China

Zhang Longwei introduced that in 2019, Yidun doors and windows will reshape the brand of Yidun doors and windows, strengthen the public influence of Yidun doors and windows, follow the brand line, and make Yidun doors and windows a well-known brand of efficient sound insulation doors and windows

in terms of technology, Yidun doors and windows will continue to deepen the research and development of efficient sound insulation doors and windows and the development of intelligent door and window systems, so that Yidun doors and windows products can reach the international advanced level. Because the door and window industry has developed for decades, from the initial shelter to both beauty and function, and the products on the market also have serious problems of homogenization, Yidun doors and windows has been looking for a breakthrough

"products should be made as handicrafts", Zhang Longwei said, "now, the country also advocates the 'craftsman spirit', because the common problem in the domestic market is overcapacity. Paying attention to product quality is also a response to the national call. If products are made fine, Yidun doors and windows will have a future." At present, Yidun has introduced a standardized quality management system. Starting from the source suppliers, it checks at all levels, implements the quality responsibility to every station, carries out quality inspection by all staff, constantly improves product quality, strives to achieve zero complaints, and is committed to building the first brand of efficient sound insulation doors and windows in China

it is reported that in order to better serve dealers and reduce production and operating costs, Yidun doors and windows will set up branches all over the country to help dealers operate at a faster and lower cost. This year, in addition to consolidating the internal marketing system, improving the internal training and internal management system, Yidun doors and windows will add three benchmark operation systems, and plans to set up three operation systems across the country, in charge of the three domestic areas. Foshan headquarters will also directly send staff to the store for guidance. The three operation system teams are equivalent to the three branches set up by the company in the mainland, which means that Yidun doors and windows plans to open the company to the regional market in order to better provide dealers with high-quality services and better products

At the end of the interview, Zhang Longwei expressed his gratitude to the dealers and suppliers who have supported Yidun doors and windows for many years. "Thanks to the long-term support and love of dealers and suppliers for Yidun, we have today's Yidun. In 2018, we will work together to make a brilliant leap forward; in 2019, we will still work closely together to create the future! Although the market environment is not optimistic, I firmly believe that crisis is the coexistence of danger and opportunity. Using the past model and method is danger; using the new method and correct model is the best Opportunities. So we must seize the opportunity. In 2019, Yidun will do something great with great fanfare! "




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